Buying and selling your designer sunglasses at a pawn shop

Who doesn’t love a good pair of sunglasses at this time of year? And there’s nothing better than a great pair of designer sunglasses to protect your eyes and make you look stylish. But when you are looking for a pair of designer sunglasses where do you go? We’d like to think that you’d come to us as designer sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular in our stores.

Buying designer sunglasses from a pawn shop

We may not be the first place on your list (even on your list) to buy designer sunglasses but let us explain why we should be the first place.

If you are seeking a good deal on your designer sunglasses, then look no further. Typically pawn shop items are 30-40% cheaper than their high street equivalent because they have been preloved. This doesn’t mean they look worn, in fact, a lot of our items have been very well cared for.

If you are seeking out preloved designer sunglasses, then there is no safer place to buy them from. We check all items thoroughly before we purchase them to ensure that they are genuine and in good condition. We sell our items at a fair and competitive price and we will not rip you off like some online sellers might.

Our designer sunglasses are displayed in store and you can examine them yourself and try them on. Our range is always changing and never limited to what the designers are releasing as we buy preloved sunglasses of a variety of ages, so we often have some unique and rare finds.

Selling your designer sunglasses to a pawn shop

If you have never thought of selling your designer sunglasses to a pawn shop you should think again. It is a great way to release some cash simply and quickly. Why have sunglasses lying around unwanted when they could be used to raise some cash?

With a finite number of places to sell designer sunglasses to, many people resort to selling them online. This has its own set of problems and hassles to contend with. Firstly, you need to list them with appropriate images and handle enquiries from potential buyers. You will need to handle negotiations, take payment and arrange collection or delivery. If you send the sunglasses there might be issues with them being lost or damaged. There will also be fees to pay, packing and delivery costs to factor in.

When you take all of this into account, selling to a pawn shop can be much easier. To sell to a pawn shop all you need to do is take the designer sunglasses into a store for them to be valued and they will make you an offer. You can negotiate if you want to, and you can walk away with the money immediately.

So why go elsewhere? If you want to buy or sell your designer sunglasses visit one of our 24 conveniently placed stores across the New York City area.