Wedding Is Off? Here’s What to Do with the Engagement Ring

If saying “I Do” has turned into saying “I Don’t,” you might be wondering what to do with that pricey engagement ring. Assuming you no longer want a reminder of what didn’t turn out so well, we know just what to do with it—pawn it with us!

Selling your engagement ring to a pawn shop is easier than you might think! If you need to sell an engagement ring or your wedding jewelry, GEM Pawnbrokers is the place to do it! We at GEM Pawnbrokers have a GIA (Gem Institute of America) certified staff that can quickly and accurately value your diamond ring and give you a fair trade or loan.

close look of diamond ring in woman hand

How Does Pawning Diamonds Work?

So, you need to get rid of that engagement ring or old wedding set, or maybe you need a quick cash loan. Either way, we can help you out! First, your piece will be completely inspected and valued by the GIA-certified staff at one of our 24 GEM Pawnbrokers locations. Then, you either take the payout or you can decide to use it as a loan. You have a set amount of time to pay off that loan, with your engagement ring used as collateral if you default.

Using your engagement ring to get a pawn loan is easy, and it is great if you have bad credit. At GEM Pawnbrokers, we also give you a full four months (way longer than industry standard) to pay it back, so you have nothing to worry about. In business for over 70 years, GEM Pawnbrokers are diamond buyers that give you the highest prices paid when you pawn diamonds. We know the jewelry industry inside and out, and we are ready to give you instant cash loans, no credit needed!

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Why Pawn Shops?

Why should you use a pawn shop to sell your diamond engagement ring after the wedding is off? At GEM Pawnbrokers, you will get top cash for your jewelry—and not just your engagement ring. You can pawn your other jewelry, as well, and you get cash instantly. No waiting to sell your piece online or in person at a yard sale.

At GEM Pawnbrokers, you get cash in hand, same day, and have four months to pay the loan back, with no need to pay monthly. No credit check is needed, so the process is stress-free. You could use the cash you get to purchase a new diamond ring for yourself!

If you’re looking for where to sell jewelry, pawn shops are the perfect place to get rid of your unwanted bling and upgrade to something you love or get the cash you need now. Don’t let a canceled wedding ruin your finances. Get the money you need from the pawn experts at GEM Pawnbrokers today!

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