Our Mission is to serve the New York Community as a trusted and responsible financial lender.

 Gem Pawnbrokers is committed to responsible industry practices and total customer satisfaction. Gem Pawnbrokers promotes laws and regulations that balance the interests of the pawnbroking industry with those of consumers, as well as supporting and encouraging responsible industry practices. Since we hold our customers in the highest regard, all employees are committed to our “Best Practices Policy.”

This Policy includes providing full disclosure to customers, complying with all city, state and federal laws and regulations, advertising truthfully and encouraging and promoting community responsibility and commitment.

With over 24 locations in the New York City metropolitan area, we’ve helped millions of customers get cash fast when they need it most.

Gem Pawnbrokers knows the meaning of real customer service. Our customers have been here for us since 1947 and we thank them for making Gem the largest and most respected pawnbroker in New York State. I hope this Website is helpful and answers all of your questions.


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