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Pawning at GEM is a great financial solution that allows you to use your valuable items as a security measure in exchange for a cash loan. This seamless process gives you access to instant cash while still maintaining ownership of your items. We abide by strict high security measures to make sure that all collateral items are housed safely and securely, until you are ready to collect them.

As reputable legally licensed pawnbrokers, we pride ourselves in working honestly and with integrity. When pawning with us, you will always meet personable, qualified, and extremely professional pawnbrokers to assist you throughout the process. We are not interested in taking away your valuable items, but to offer you the best cash loan options. We simply hold onto your items until the loan terms have been fulfilled, after which you will be able to redeem them.



Our pawning process is straightforward: Our experts carefully authenticate your items to determine their value and equity, then make you a cash offer based on that valuation. When you accept that offer, all loan terms will be discussed upfront. There are no background checks or credit checks necessary to finalize your cash loan. You simply sign the contract, receive your money and we’ll take care of all of the paperwork.

With GEM, you will never encounter surprise fees or hidden contractual conditions. Your loan will only accrue a fixed 4% monthly interest rate in accordance with state law. The length of the loan is solely up to you, the customer. You may opt for payback options that span over days, weeks or months. The contract ends at your discretion. We encourage you to consider pawning as a financial solution if:

· You do not have good credit or credit history at all

· You do not want to ask family or friends to borrow money

· You depend on yourself and have no one to turn to

· You do not want to keep up with lengthy applications and constant paperwork



You can pawn your personal items that have resale value and most importantly retail history. High-end luxury and designer items are ideal if you are seeking a greater cash loan as they often have the highest resale value. The overall condition and quality of your item(s) will determine the final loan that you qualify for. 

Our experts will carefully evaluate the condition of your items, thoroughly inspecting the physical properties for any wear/tear and to ensure that all parts and pieces are fully intact. In regards to operable items and electronics, we require that they function accordingly. All operable items and electronics must include the necessary components to function such as remotes, cords and/or controllers.

General items that can be pawned include, but are not limited to:

· Fine Jewelry

· Diamonds

· Watches

· Electronics

· Designer Handbags

· Shoes

· Vehicles

· Musical Instruments

· Power Tools

· Appliances

· Artwork

· Silverware & Silver Flatware

· Collectible Items


If you are not sure whether your items qualify to pawn, please give us a call: 718 - 596 - 5626