Pawning Items vs. Yard Sales

Yard sales may be one of the most common ways to get make money while getting rid of unwanted items, but it’s not the only option. Here’s how selling them to a pawn shop compares to the typical yard sale experience.


Pawning Gets You Instant Cash

At a yard sale, you have to sit at a table all day and wait for customers to arrive. At a pawn shop, you can walk in with your items and walk out with cash just a few minutes later.


Pawned Items Are Professionally Appraised

Instead of guessing what your items are worth so that you can price and tag them yourself, items sold at a pawn shop will be professionally appraised to make sure you get the money you deserve. At GEM Pawnbrokers, our staff members are certified by the Gemological Institute of America and the Jewelers of America to ensure you’re paid the most accurate and fair prices for your precious metal and gemstone jewelry.


There’s No Planning or Setup When You Pawn Items

A yard sale can take hours of planning, organization, setup, and takedown to run. You’ve got to choose dates and times, gather and price unwanted items, advertise your sale, set up tables, manage money, plan for the weather, answer customer questions, and take it all down when it’s over.

When you choose to pawn your items, there’s very little work required. You can decide in the morning to sell a guitar, take it to the pawn shop mid-day, and return home with extra cash by the afternoon.


Pawn Shops and Yard Sales Are Suited to Different Items

A major difference between yard sales and pawn shops is the kinds of items you can sell at each. At a yard sale, you can sell pretty much anything you want. Old party decorations, extension cords, boxes of blank cards, and other oddball items are fair game when you’re selling to the public. Pawn shops, on the other hand, accept only certain types of items.

gold and silver colored rings

Although it might sound like yard sales are better in this case, keep in mind that the kinds of items you can pawn tend to be much more valuable in general than the 25-cent items you’d offer at a yard sale. Sell designer handbags, scrap jewelry, loose diamonds, smartphones, and other high-value items to a pawn shop for the best chance of cash. It’s not likely that the average yard sale customer will have the money to buy them and, even if they do, you might not get what they’re really worth.


Sell Used Electronics, Jewelry and More for Fast Money at GEM Pawnbrokers

If you’ve got scrap jewelry, high-end electronics, designer accessories or other valuables to sell, GEM Pawnbrokers can offer you the highest possible prices for them. Visit any one of our 24 New York area locations today to sell your unwanted items, or call us at (718) 596-5626.

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