Back to School: Finding Affordable Used Designer Bags, Backpacks, and More!

You do not have to wait until the back to school sales in the late summer and early fall to find great deals. Most great deals can be found this summer on a wide range of things your kids will need for school, including used designer bags, backpacks, electronics, and more!

Where can you find these great savings? Not at your big box retailer but at our local pawn shops! Pawn shops have changed over the decades, and now offer access to a wide range of high-quality merchandise at discounted prices.

Why pay full retail price on a brand new handbag, backpack, computer, tablet, or smartphone? You can find these same items available at our pawn shops in decent to like-new condition. In some cases, you can even luck out and find brand new items that people never used and then sold to our pawn store for cash.

If you wait until late summer or fall to start your back to school shopping, you might miss out on many great finds and bargains. Some of the key back to school items you should be shopping for and buying this summer include:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptop Computers
  • Calculators
  • Watches
  • Sneakers/Tennis Shoes
  • Designer Bags and Backpacks

It is important to make regular visits to your pawn shop, as inventories are constantly changing. If there is a particular make, model, or brand of an item you are looking for, let us know. We would be happy to notify you if we get it in.


Tips for Buying Used Designer Bags and Backpacks

There are three key things you will want to check when buying used designer bags and backpacks to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck:

  1. Is it comfortable? When carrying or wearing the bag or backpack, you want one that feels good and does not make you feel weighed down, does not cut into your skin, and is not just plain uncomfortable.
  2. Does it have plenty of storage space? Make sure the bag or backpack has plenty of storage areas for everything you will need to be carrying to and from school. Having a bag or backpack with multiple pockets and storage areas also helps keep your things organized.
  3. Is it durable? The durability of the material is another thing you want to consider. You want a bag or backpack that will last the entire year. If the material feels flimsy or thin, it will not last.


How to Save Even More on Back to School Items

One great way to save money on this year’s back to school items is to pawn and sell any previous year’s items you no longer want or need! You would be surprised by how many bags, backpacks, electronics, and other items your kids accumulate.

hands counting us dollar banknotes

Rather than leaving them sitting in a closet or drawer, convert these items into cold hard cash you can use toward buying new back to school items! You can even pawn electronics, jewelry, watches, unused gift cards, and other items and get your cash the same day!

To find out what back to school items we currently have in stock or to inquire about what items we are buying, please feel free to stop by your nearest GEM Pawnbroker location in New York City or call us at 718-596-5626 today!

We have been serving the New York City area for over 70 years from our 24 locations, and we now have two locations open seven days a week. Plus, you will want to hurry in for our Sizzling Summer Sale deals before they are gone!

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