The Best Place to Sell Gold in NYC

Are you looking to sell gold pieces and jewellery in the NYC area? Look no further as Gem Pawnbrokers offer some of the best prices for your precious gold in the city of New York.  

Gold is always a great way to raise funds when you need it as gold tends to hold its value well throughout the years. In addition to that, gold is always desirable and will never go out of style. In other words, the value of gold is always great. 

If you no longer wear or want some of your gold jewellery items, put them to better use by selling or pawning them off to us at Gem Pawnbrokers. 

Give your pieces to someone else that will adore them and you can benefit from the cash you get in exchange for selling your gold! Give your jewellery a new home while earning money yourself. Doesn't that sound like a win-win situation? 

If it does, keep reading to learn about how you can sell gold through us. 

What type of gold pieces are we interested in?

There are a variety of items made out of gold these days and we are particularly interested in certain items. Although we take most gold items, we do prioritise the following items: 

  • Necklaces
  • Rings such as wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings and dress rings
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Brooches, especially those with gemstones on them
  • Earrings
  • Cufflinks

We accept white, yellow and rose gold even though these aren’t solid gold, as they are popular in the market, but solid gold items will still offer the greatest value.  We are also interested in gold plated pieces, especially if they are a work of art. 

We also love seeing unique gold pieces that are rare! We offer fair prices for each item you bring into our store. 

How much value will used gold jewellery hold?

The value of the jewellery will depend on a range of factors including the condition of the piece and its composition. Here are some factors that might affect how your item is appraised: 

Wear and tear

Items that show signs of wear or tear from being worn such as metal erosion, discolouration, dulling of any gems or stones, scratches and being misshapen will affect the value. It would be best to take them to be cleaned before visiting us to maximise their value. 


The composition of the item is also an important factor in determining the price. 

The composition includes whether the piece is solid gold or gold plated, its carat rating and whether it includes any gems or stones and their value. The rarer the item, the higher price it can fetch. Straightforward, right? 

World trends 

Other factors that can affect the value is the current market value for gold as the market can fluctuate, and the desirability of the piece as this will influence what the piece is worth due to the demand for it and the ease in which it will sell.

It might even be down to how well you can negotiate with our representatives! 

What do we look for when appraising a piece?

At GEM Pawnbrokers, we are experts in appraising jewellery and gold pieces and provide reliable services throughout. There are several things we will be looking for when we appraise your gold and decide its worth. 

Here are some factors we take a look at: 

    1. Hallmarks – we will be looking at the hallmarks on the piece as this will tell us the metal content and sometimes who made it. All pieces created in the last decade should have a hallmark on them somewhere unless the item is heavily worn and the hallmark has eroded. If that is the case, be sure to have written proof regarding the manufacturer of the product. 
    2. Signs of discolouration – gold should not discolour unless it is gold-plated which is an indicator of the composition of the metal. Gold plated items can require re-plating to maintain their colour and beauty which will affect the value. If the gold's discolouration does not wear off after treatment, you might have a fake on your hands and unfortunately, we typically do not purchase fake gold. 
    3. Gems or stones – if the piece includes these we will also appraise them and take them into consideration of value. The more valuable the stone, the higher the price. 
  • Brands - there are cases where we take a look at who made your piece of jewellery as an indicator of the price. Gold designer items tend to do much better due to their elite status and desirability. Famous jewellery manufacturers also do well in our shops in terms of getting higher value for them. 
    1. Overall condition – we will be examining the piece for its condition for any damage that can impact its value.

    If you want to find out what your gold pieces are worth, then visit one of our 24 conveniently located stores across the New York area.

    Visit Gem Pawnbrokers today to sell your gold pieces in New York City

    We want to create a safe, comfortable environment for all our clients. We encourage you to call and let us know you are arriving before you visit, particularly if your items are high in value. 

    Your gold pieces could also be worth more if you send them in for cleaning first. We appreciate pieces that are well-taken care of, and that includes your gold. 

    Besides gold, Gem Pawnbrokers also buys and sells electronics, gemstones, gadgets, clothing, and other rare memorabilia that you want to get rid of in exchange for a good price. Visit our stores today to find out more about which items we accept to turn your trash into treasure.