Late Victorian Handmade 14k Yellow Gold Stick Lapel Pin Oil Slick Patina Citrine and Old European Diamond

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of the late Victorian era with this captivating Unbranded Handmade 14k Yellow Gold Stick Lapel Pin. Crafted with meticulous care and boasting a unique oil slick patina, this vintage piece is a true testament to the artistry of its time.

Measuring a refined 2.4 inches in length and 0.30 inches in width, this lapel pin exudes understated elegance with its slender silhouette. Fashioned from solid 14k yellow gold, its warm tones complement the rich hues of the natural citrine and old European diamond, creating a harmonious blend of color and sophistication.

At the center of the pin gleams a vibrant oval-shaped citrine, with a weight of 0.78 carats. The citrine's golden glow adds a touch of warmth and radiance to the piece, while the surrounding old European diamond, with a weight of 0.035 carats, sparkles with captivating brilliance.

Marked with both "14kt" and the distinctive "B" hallmark, this lapel pin bears the stamp of authenticity and quality craftsmanship. While gently used, it boasts a condition rating of 9/10, showcasing a rare rainbow patina that adds to its vintage charm and allure.

Brand Name - Unbranded
Base Metal - Yellow Gold, 14k
Condition - Used
Length - 2.4"
Width - 0.30"
Weight in DWT - 1.0
Weight in Grams - 1.7
Colored Stone Quantity - 1
Colored Stone Shape - Oval
Colored Stone Type - Citrine
Colored Stone Creation - Natural
Colored Stone Measurements - 0.78ct
Colored Stone Quantity - 1
Colored Stone Shape - Round
Colored Stone Measurements - 0.035
Colored Stone Type - Diamond;
Colored Stone Creation - Natural
Markings - 14kt, B
Condition Rating - 9/10 rare rainbow patina

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