Selling at GEM offers you a safe and secure way to receive cash for items you own but no longer want to keep. Our friendly and experienced pawnbrokers are able to make you a cash offer based on their value and equity. This quick process allows you to sell your items and immediately receive the money you need.



When selling at GEM, you will be assisted by seasoned pawnbrokers looking to give you the best cash offer to match the valuation of your items. We value our customers and are not looking to cut corners or short change them in any way during this process. 

When you sell to us, you are not bound to any contracts nor do we use your items as collateral. The money you receive is not a loan to be repaid. After we authenticate your items, we purchase them from you and offer you cash on the spot in the amount of their determined value.



You can choose to sell any item you own that have resale value and most importantly retail history. High-end luxury and designer items are ideal if you are seeking a greater cash amount as they often have the highest resale value. The overall condition and quality of your item(s) will determine the final cash offer you qualify for. 

Our experts will carefully evaluate the condition of your items, thoroughly inspecting the physical properties for any wear/tear and to ensure that all parts and pieces are fully intact. In regards to operable items and electronics, we require that they function accordingly. All operable items and electronics must include the necessary components to function such as remotes, cords and/or controllers.

General items that can be sold include, but are not limited to:

· Fine Jewelry

· Diamonds

· Watches

· Electronics

· Designer Handbags

· Shoes

· Vehicles

· Musical Instruments

· Power Tools

· Appliances

· Artwork

· Silverware & Silver Flatware

· Collectible Items


If you are not sure whether your items qualify to pawn, please give us a call: 718 - 596 - 5626