Visit Pawn Shop Long Island

GEM Pawn has a well-established network of pawn shops across the New York area especially in the Long Island area.

Where to find us in Long Island

We have five convenient locations across Long Island that deliver GEM Pawn’s excellent pawn services which you can find at:

  • Valley Stream on Sunrise Highway
  • Hempstead on North Franklin Street
  • Merrick on Sunrise Highway
  • Hicksville on West John Street
  • Melville on Walt Whitman

Why choose GEM Pawn Shop Long Island?

GEM Pawn has been trading for over 70 years in New York and we have a network of 24 pawn shops that each deliver high-quality service to our customers that keep them coming back to us. We provide a first-class service and competitive prices at all locations whether that is for buying, pawning or selling items. We are the name you can trust and rely on.

Our stores in Long Island offer you a warm welcome and our friendly staff will help guide you through selling or pawning your property and ensure that you get the best offer for your item. Our staff are dedicated like us in delivering excellent customer service and fast and efficient service. We also offer some of the lowest collateral loan rates in the United States.

What is available at Pawn Shop Long Island?

Our stores offer a wide variety of products and services to the community. We buy or pawn a variety of items which include:

  • Jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, chains, charms, earrings, watches and brooches
  • Clothing and footwear such as a designer items
  • Accessories such as handbags, hats, belts and eyewear
  • Electronics such as computers, consoles, TVs and Apple products

If you want to pawn your item and use it as collateral for a loan, we will appraise the item and give the best possible loan value for it. We will clearly detail the loan terms including the amount plus interest and length of the loan. If you are happy with the loan, we will store the item securely during the loan term in our vault or warehouse until you return for it.

We also sell a wide variety of items at great prices, so we are an ideal place to find yourself a deal on jewelry, designer items, accessories and electronics. You can trust the items that we sell are genuine and in a good working condition as we undertake detailed appraisals and checks on the items before we purchase them, and we price them according to their market value and condition.