Did you know we offer estate buying services?

Many customers are surprised when they find out that we offer an estate buying service. But among our large team, we have an experienced and knowledgeable estate buying team that can make your life easier at a difficult time by assessing and buying multiple items from you.

What are estate buying services?

The term estate buying services can be used in several ways to describe the purchasing of a batch of items from a person’s estate, often after a person has passed away and an attorney or family is left to settle the person's estate which can include property and possessions. In these circumstances, the aim is often to liquidise the estate and disseminate the funds to the person’s beneficiaries in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

What estate buying services do we offer?

GEM Pawnbrokers offers a professional service that has been designed to assist attorneys and the families of the deceased who want to liquidise an estate. We provide a knowledgeable and experienced team that will be sympathetic to your needs and circumstances whilst making appraisals of your items.

We provide our services throughout the New York Tri-State area. We specialize in the appraisal of items which includes gold, silver, fine jewelry, gems, watches, coins and crystal.

We also provide a service appraising artwork, but this is only offered on a case by case basis and you should contact us to discuss your needs first and we will let you know if we can provide the service to you.

Why choose GEM Pawnbrokers?

GEM Pawnbrokers is a name that you can trust. We have been operating in New York since we were first established in 1947 by Martin Kaminsky and we are now one of the largest pawnbrokers in the New York City area. We have 24 branches throughout the New York area.

With 75 years in the pawnbroking business, we have a lot of experience and a reputation to protect. We offer our customers a first-class service delivered by a friendly, professional and experienced team that has been trained to assess a range of items and goods. We also have trained specialists within our teams who are certified to assess specialist items and give valuations on them. So, you can trust that we provide valuations that are thorough and accurate as well as fair. If you choose to sell your items to us we will offer you fair and competitive prices for the items.

Get in touch to find out more about our estate buying services and how we can help you.