Did you know that you can pawn footwear?

Pawn shops are an Aladdin’s cave of treasures, and many people often don’t realise what a broad range of goods they can deal in. For example, did you know that you can pawn your footwear? Not just any footwear though.

What footwear can you pawn?

You can pawn a selection of footwear which includes sneakers and designer shoes but the key thing is that the footwear you are pawning has to have a reasonable value to make it worth pawning. In most cases, this is generally sought after brands and limited editions that are harder to get.

These types of footwear are expensive to purchase new and tend to hold their value as preloved items which makes them ideal items to use for pawning. So if you have some footwear sitting in a box or collecting dust in a cupboard that you are no longer using or happy to part with for a short time whilst you use them as collateral for your loan, then dust them off and walk them our way.

Sneaker pawn

Sneakers are very popular and with some people collecting unique and desirable sneakers, there has become a great market for older and classic designs as well as designer brands and limited edition designs. A wide range of brands could be suitable which include:

Nike Air Jordans
Under Armour
Dolce & Gabbana

So if you have a pair of sneakers that you think fit the bill and are in good condition then why not bring them to one of our branches to see what we could offer for them?

Pawning designer shoes

You can also pawn designer shoes as long as they are in good condition. Designer shoes are popular with a great preloved market so again these make an ideal pawn item. Like with sneakers, the more sought after brands and designs will command the higher prices. A wide range of designer brands can be used such as:

Christian Louboutin
Jimmy Choo
Manolo Blahnik

So check your wardrobe and shoe shelves to see if you have some designer shoes that you are happy to part with temporarily to raise some money. Whether they are a pair of stylish sandals, smart loafers or classically chic heels, bring them to us to see what we can offer you.

Why choose GEM Pawnbrokers?

In New York City you are never far away from one of our 24 friendly branches with experienced staff who can help you in valuing your footwear and offering you a fair and competitive loan. We have been operating in New York for over 75 years and are a name that you can trust, so visit us to see what we can offer.