Buying engagement rings from pawn shops in New York

Getting engaged is a special time in your life and finding that perfect ring to pop the big question with can be a lot of pressure and expense. When you think about buying an engagement ring, you may not think about going to a pawn shop, but it can be a really good option.

Why chose to buy an engagement ring from a pawn shop?

There are many good reasons why you might want to choose to buy an engagement ring from a pawn shop.

  • Value for money – buying a second-hand engagement hand ring can offer better value as it won’t cost as much as a new ring. The savings could be as high as 30-50% for a comparable ring or you can afford a better ring for your money. That way you can save some money for the wedding.
  • Unique rings – the rings that we get are from a wide audience and time of production so we can get some different and unique pieces that you wouldn’t find in a regular jewelry shop.
  • Evolving range – unlike many jewelry stores our range is always changing so it is worth monitoring what we have on our website to see what new rings we have.
  • You can trust us – as a long-established pawnbroker with stores across the New York area, we have an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience in handling jewelry, so you can trust that an engagement ring from us has been checked and verified. We will also price our pieces fairly and competitively.

What to look for in an engagement ring

When you are looking to buy an engagement ring there are several important things to think about, especially if your partner is not choosing it with you. Firstly, set yourself a realistic budget and don’t over-stretch yourself.

Secondly, think about the sort of jewelry your partner likes. Do they have a colour preference or favourite type of metal? Do they favour certain stones or gems? What sort of shapes of rings do they like? Is there anything you should avoid? Do they have a family member or friend that could give you some tips?

Thirdly, what size ring do you need? You can re-size the ring, but it is best if the ring is a close fit. Do they have any rings that they wear that can be used to compare or can you secretly measure their finger whilst they sleep?

The best way to see what we offer is to take a look at what we have online or visit one of our 24 stores which are conveniently located across the New York City area.