What to Know Before You Buy Used Jewelry

There are many reasons why you might be looking to purchase fine jewelry on the second-hand market—to find unique or antique pieces or save a few dollars—but buyer beware! Much of the used jewelry out there online, in antique shops, and at some pawn shops may be fake!

It’s hard to know what a piece of jewelry is unless it has been properly appraised. It can be easy for anybody to sell diamond jewelry and claim to know its worth, but it can be hard to tell if they’re correct! Is that a diamond or paste? Is that 10k gold or 14k? Here’s where an appraisal is important for fine jewelry. Let GEM Pawnbrokers help you out!

What Is a Jewelry Appraisal?

At GEM Pawnbrokers, we know that jewelry is important. Jewelry is a way for us to express our personality, show a loved one we care and remember special memories. It’s not just for show (although, we support your bling habit!). So, knowing what a piece of jewelry truly is what really matters.

A fine jewelry appraisal can tell you just that: what the jewelry is—but don’t let just anyone do it. Have a certified expert appraise your work. At GEM Pawnbrokers, our employees are GIA- (Gemology Institute of America) and JA- (Jewelers of America) certified, so they have been thoroughly educated and trained in how to properly assess jewelry and gemstones, including all pawn shop jewelry, and to grade them accordingly so you don’t pay more than you should.

Fine jewelry appraisals consist of a few key elements:

  1. Description of your piece: A photo, lists of materials, weights and measurements, the date when it was made, and any notes on its wear or flaws. This is important for keeping records, also, as some jewelry increases in value based on the year it was made, the style of gemstone cut it was, who owned it, and so on. You’ll want to make sure it’s an inclusive list.
  2. Notes about the stone(s): This should be a list of the stones on the piece (are they rubies? diamonds?), the grading of the stones (carat, cut, clarity, and color are known as the 4 Cs), and if the stone is natural or synthetic. The 4 Cs are the industry standard for diamond appraisal.

couple holding engagement ring

  1. Valuation: What the appraiser considers the piece to be worth in today’s market. This will most likely be less than what you paid for it, unless you regularly buy and pawn jewelry, and it was purchased at a pawn shop, to begin with. GEM Pawnbrokers has been in the fine jewelry business for over 70 years, so we know what your jewelry is worth, and we buy and sell pawn shop jewelry for the fairest prices around!

Where Should I Buy Appraised Pawn Shop Jewelry?

If you’re looking to buy jewelry that has been properly appraised by certified employees, from a company that knows how to price fine jewelry and which has been in business for decades, come to GEM Pawnbrokers! Check out our pawn shop jewelry and pay fair market prices for pre-loved jewels and gold you’ll treasure for years to come. With over 24 locations, we’re close by! Or call us at 718-596-5626 to get more information.

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