Back to School 2019: What’s Trending?

It is hard to believe summer break is almost over and school will be starting again. With the start of the 2019 school year, it means back to school shopping for your kids. If you want to save money on back to school items, make sure to shop back to school sales.

You can also check out our local pawnshops for some great finds on various school supplies like laptops, calculators, tablets, brand name sneakers, and more. You can also pawn electronics and other items to get money to buy trendy items for your kids this school year.

To make sure your kids have access to the latest styles, you will want to find out what items are trending, like these:

  • Designer Boots: On-trend is wearing designer-style combat boots. Boots offer the comfort of sneakers but also are great on those wet and snowy days to keep feet dry and warm.
  • Canvas and Leather Backpacks: Trending this school year are canvas and leather backpacks. They are more appealing than those plastic backpacks that wear out quickly. Plus, since they are made from higher-quality materials, they could last the entire school year.
  • Tablets: Tablets offer more flexibility than laptops when at school taking notes, keeping track of assignments, and performing other school functions. Not to mention, they fit neatly into a backpack, purse, or multi-purpose book-style pouch.
  • Multi-Purpose Book-Style Pouches: These new trendy pouches are great for both girls and boys. They have plenty of room to hold a tablet, school ID, lunch money, pens, and other small items. They keep things more organized than just tossing things into a cluttered backpack or purse.
  • Compact Laptops: For those students who still want a computer to use for homework assignments, compact laptops are hot right now. The smaller design makes it easier to carry around. They can be used at home as well as in place of larger desktop computers.
  • Smartphone Charger Cases: Charger cases are great for making sure your kids’ smartphones stay charged all day so they can be reached or can call you.
  • Small Designer Bags as Lunch Boxes: One trend that has become popular among girls is to find a small designer handbag and use it for their lunch box. This is trendier than using a brown paper sack or regular lunch box.
  • Gift Cards: To make sure your kids have money for afterschool snacks and other treats, gift cards are on rise this school year. They are more secure than carrying cash. Plus, you can load a set amount on the card and reload it once it is used up. In the event your child loses the gift card, you won’t have to worry that they lost a large amount of money if you keep amounts on the card to around $10 to $20.
  • Wireless Headphones: Wired headphones are out. The trend is now wireless headphones in various styles and sizes that can connect directly to your kids’ smartphones.

wearing grey shirt and blue sunglasses a young guy sitting on marble bench

  • Sneakers in Bold Colors: From bright orange to multi-colored designs, the trendy sneakers for this school year are those that show off bold colors. Your full white and black sneakers are out. However, white and black are still popular, as long as they are used with other bold colors like blues, greens, reds, etc.
  • Backpack Fresheners: To help control odors like those smelly gym socks, backpack fresheners are a must. They fit neatly into the backpack, handbag, or even school lockers to keep odors away.
  • Bluetooth Trackers: These little devices can be attached to backpacks, purses, handbags, lunch boxes, and more. They help you keep track of important things and find them if they get lost or misplaced.

Back to School Trends for College Students

For college students, there are few more trends for the 2019-2020 school year. You will want to outfit your dorm room with a mini-portable digital music system that connects to your smartphone. Bluetooth turntables are also a popular item this school year if you like playing vinyl while doing your homework.

Personal assistant devices like Amazon’s Echo are also helpful when combined with other smart devices to automate your dorm room. For instance, you can connect Alexa to smart lightbulbs to turn them on and off automatically, so you never come back to a dark dorm room.

No dorm room would be complete without a surround sound system and HD TV setup. These are essentials when you want theater-like quality to watch your favorite TV programs and movies!

Other items popular with college students are streaming sticks like Roku and Amazon Fire. You can access your favorite on-demand services without having to pay for cable in your dorm room. They are also portable, so you can take them with you when hanging out with friends at their place!

Don’t forget your PS4 or Xbox One this school year. You will want to unwind with your favorite video games after a long day of classes. Plus, these gaming consoles are great to use to access video streaming content, movies, and music so you don’t need a separate streaming device.

Other Back to School Items Some Students Will Need

Depending on the types of school activities you or your kids participate in, you will need other back to school items like these:

  • Digital Cameras: If you are taking art or photography courses, you may need a digital camera to use instead of the camera on your smartphone. Digital cameras can produce the higher-quality images you will need.
  • Musical Instruments: If you are participating in band or taking specific music classes, you will need the right instrument like guitars, keyboards, saxophones, and mixing tables.
  • Sports Equipment: From rollerblades and tennis rackets to golf clubs, you may need different types of sports equipment this coming school year.

two male golfers walking along fairway carrying bags

  • Telescopes: If you are taking astronomy for an elective, pick up a decent-quality telescope for stargazing.
  • Bikes: If you want to save money on bus and public transit fares, having a good quality bike to get around campus is a good investment.

How to Get the Best Prices on Your Back to School Supplies and Gear

While many retailers will run back to school sales on clothing and your basic school supplies, you may not find great deals on other items you want at regular retail stores. Don’t worry. You can still find deals when you shop at your local pawnshops.

Pawnshops offer a wide range of school supplies, electronics, sporting equipment, gift cards, designer bags, backpacks, and more for a fraction of the cost of brand new. Many of the items you find will be in like-new condition. Why pay full retail when you can pick up more stuff for less?

Just keep in mind that the inventory at pawnshops is constantly changing. You will want to start your back to school shopping now instead of waiting. It is also a good idea to stop by at least once a week to see what new items have arrived on the sales floor.

If you are looking for something specific, let your pawnshop sales staff know. They are more than happy to call you if they get in that hard-to-find item.

What if I Need Cash to Afford Back to School Shopping?

If you need some quick cash to buy all of your back to school items, clothing, equipment, and supplies, then pawnshops are also great to visit. You can pawn electronics, sell sneakers, sell a guitar, pawn jewelry, unused gift cards, and other items you no longer want or need.

You can take all the money you make from selling your items at a pawnshop and use it to buy the items you really want at discounted prices! Lucky for you, it is a win-win. You get cash for things you no longer want, and you get great prices on the items you want most!

To find great prices on trendy back to school items and other essentials you need, feel free to stop by your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers location in NYC today. You are also invited to pawn sneakers, electronics, sell designer handbags, jewelry, watches, and more to get the cash you need to buy the things you want. To help save you time on finding items you want or knowing what items to sell, feel free to call us at 718-596-5626 if you have any questions.

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