What items can I pawn and what are the best luxury investments to ensure a high market value?

Items To Pawn

Taking out a pawn loan could be a good way to get some cash quickly if you're short on it! With the proper knowledge of what items to pawn, you can easily make $100 to $500 even if you are cleaning out your closet for old valuables.

When it comes to pawning, the last thing you want to do is to get burned on value or try to pawn the wrong item. While the usual appliances, jewellery, gadgets and mobile devices are good options to pawn and can provide you with fast cash, but if you are looking for investments that can provide you higher yield then you are at the right place. Stay tuned to find out more. 



Luxury Investments with Higher Market Value

Buying luxury items is a big decision for most people unless they can afford to buy them and have no impact on their bank account, and because of that, most people like to know that the item they're buying will hold its value.

 Whether it be an electrical item, some clothes, or even jewellery, it is always good to know that the item will either maintain or even increase its worth over time, ensuring that it isn't a total waste of time.

Hermès Kelly

It is referred to as the Kelly bag after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, and often sells for as much as $9,500, thus proving that this is a true luxury item.

With its timeless style and classic lines, the Kelly will always be in style and go with many different styles, which means that there will always be some form of demand for them, ensuring that their value will remain high.


In addition, Hermès bags are always of the highest quality, so they are unlikely to suffer from wear and tear. This also helps keep the bags' value high.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull

If you are looking for bags that never lose their value, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is also a great example of a bag that you can always depend on for value, and it is incredibly recognizable.

People everywhere know what the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag looks like, and although it's stylish and branded, it's also very spacious, so it serves a useful purpose, rather than just being a stylish bag without a lot of storage.


This brand is so popular that the resale value does not drop below 80% as long as it is in excellent condition. Choosing this luxury item is, therefore, a safe decision.



Diamonds are something that retains their market value, either staying the same or even increasing over time, as long as you obtain a great quality diamond.


Buying a diamond in a retail store will cost more than its worth with other factors influencing the price, such as advertising, staff, and inventory, and you'll want a unique diamond rather than one that has been copied.



Similar to diamonds, gold is considered to be a luxurious item and is something that will retain its value, although it is much more fickle than people believe. The value of gold has fallen dramatically in the past, and owning large amounts of gold isn't something most people would recommend doing because the price has plummeted. Although owning gold is always something people wish to achieve if they have the finances to do so, in general gold is a safe item to purchase as far as luxury items go.

High-End Art

An excellent example of a luxury item that will always hold its value is high-end pieces of art, especially the most valuable paintings. This is because a piece of this level is likely to have a lot of copies or reproductions.


It might seem concerning; however, it is a plus, since there is only one true original, and if you have proof that it is an original piece done by the artist in question, then you can be confident that it will maintain its value.

Having an eye for what will remain popular when it comes to art can be tricky, as it can be hard to discern what is good art.

Rolex Watch

Watches of no other brand compare to Rolex, the ultimate in luxury as far as timepieces go, and Rolex is the only brand that can maintain its value for a long period.


It is because Rolex offers a limited product line, which means the watches become recognizable brands and instantly become a rare watch, which makes people interested in them.

Some models hold their value better than others, with more expensive watches holding their value better, and of course, any watch that is damaged will immediately lose value.


Luxury and Ferraris go hand in hand, with the incredible cars considered some of the very best out there, with everyone knowing what they are looking at when they see the classic red car zoom by. While they aren't cars you're going to do lots of miles in due to their nature, that turns out to be an advantage, as the fewer miles in the tank, the more valuable the car becomes. Ferrari classics are in constant demand, with petrolheads always looking to add to their collection. Knowing their value, Ferrari classics maintain their value.


Final Thoughts

The list of luxury items worth investing in goes on. In fact, the items listed here cannot provide a comprehensive list of luxury items that can be purchased. Collectors’ items are also worth looking into. Vintage items also have a good market value which is equally profitable as the ones listed here. Although it can be quite tricky given authenticity issues, with the correct vintage item, you are certain to get hefty cash out of it too. 

If you are still unsure what items are worth investing in, consider asking for advice from our experts. Book a 20-minute schedule with us to learn more.