What can I get for pawning my sneakers?

If you have a pair of sneakers that you’re not using anymore, it makes sense to see if you can get some money for them. But how much are they worth? And where do you go to sell your old sneakers? If you need quick cash in exchange for sneakers, check out this article for answers.

Is it possible to sell your used shoes?

Often, this is the first question a sneakerhead has. The answer? Well, that depends on a few factors. When selling or pawning off your shoes to a pawn shop, make sure there is a reason why people would want to buy them for an inflated price. 

In essence, this means the rarer the shoe – the better. 

Pawnshops know that people won't buy shoes from a pawn shop for five times their retail value if they can get them at the mall. There are, however, things that they specifically require.

Keeping the shoes in good condition is essential. However, that is only one aspect of the equation. As well as needing to be in good condition, they must also be of a unique design with high demand. Purchasing shoes that were limited when they were released is the best option for pawn shops.

Tips for Before You Go to the Pawn Shop

Clean the shoe

Tip number one, and probably the takeaway of this article, is to clean your shoe thoroughly. For most shoes, you can get away with a bit of wipe down or light scrubbing, but for rare, precious sneakers, more effort is required. 

Research on the material your shoes is made of and the best way to clean them. If you aren't confident or comfortable with cleaning speciality material shoes, plenty of professional shoe cleaning companies can help you out. 

Coming into a pawnshop with fresh, clean sneakers will increase the potential price you walk away with. Why? Clean shoes indicate that you take care of your sneakers and maintain it well enough. This could mean the other parts of the shoe are in good condition. Dirty sneakers are an indicator of bad behaviour when it comes to caring for your beloved sneaks. 

Eliminate bad odors

It is not uncommon for shoes and other items to acquire a musty smell after being stored for a long time. Any off-putting feature will result in you being offered a lower price for your shoes.

So be sure to air them out first or if the scent is too strong, opt to have them professionally cleaned. 

Be armed with knowledge 

Flex your knowledge about shoes to pawn shop dealers and they're sure to take you all the more seriously. Having basic and advanced knowledge about your sneakers tells the pawn shop that you know your stuff and can ultimately fetch you a higher price. 

So what should you know about your shoe? 

Take note of the brand, model, how many of them were sold (the rarer, the better!), when they dropped, their current condition, and the parts you restored if you did restore them. For example, say you are pawing off your Nikes or 

In order to increase their value further, try to find out whether there are celebrities or even influencers on Instagram who wear your products. 

In the end, knowing how much your product is worth results in a higher asking price. 

Don’t underestimate cardboard boxes

Last but not least, if you're trying to sell your old shoes, bring the box along. That way, the shoes are worth a lot more. You should, however, bring the receipt from when you bought the shoes if you don't have them.

Pawn my Jordans – Nike pawn sneakers

For decades, Jordans have been a hot item for millions of people, and thousands of us were those kids that always got the new pair, even if our old one was just fine. You can easily pawn or sell Jordans for cash if they’re in suitable condition. Here's how: 

Clean the Jordans Well

If you plan on taking your Jordans to a pawn shop, it is essential to spruce up the shoe. Make sure there are no scuffs or stains on the shoes. After that, look around your house for toothpaste, nail polish, baking soda, or a little bit of alcohol.

Add some cleaning material to a damp towel or a toothbrush. The scuffed areas should be lightly brushed or scrubbed, as well as the rest of the shoe. The shoe likely has a thin coating of dust and dirt that is hard to see. 

Make ’em Look Nice

It won't take much work to clean and adjust your shoes if they were only lightly worn, but some shoes might need a little extra attention. You should find another set of laces that match the color of the laces that are discoloured and torn, for example.

The sole of the shoe should also be examined. A hole, rip, or discolouration may be present. Put a nice, cheap sole in the shoe if this is the case.

Where can I pawn my sneakers?

For more information on how to pawn Nike shoes or any other shoe, visit Gempawn. We offer the best deals on your sneakers with the most convenient services. 

Not sure if your sneakers are pawn-worthy? Simply ask one of our representatives for more information.