Pawn Shop New Rochelle

If you live in the New Rochelle area you may not be aware of our pawn shops that are conveniently located across the New York area including our popular store in Mount Vernon which serves New Rochelle. You can shop in our stores or online, and we purchase items outright or on a loan basis using your item as collateral.

What items do we deal in?

We deal in a wide variety of items which includes:

  • Gold and silver
  • Diamonds
  • Jewelry including necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, brooches and cuff links
  • Watches
  • Electronics including TVs, games consoles, phones, tablets, computers and games
  • Designer handbags, sneakers, clothing and accessories

It is really amazing the variety of products we buy and sell, so it really is worth a look around one of our stores to see what great deals we have on offer.

What services can we offer you?

We offer all of our goods in either one of our stores and in our online store which features some of the items we have available in our stores.

We also purchase goods either as an outright purchase or on a loan collateral basis. Either way, we will ask you to bring your goods to one of our stores so we can give it a full appraisal. Once we have appraised it we will give you best valuation possible as either an outright purchase or as a loan.

Our pawn shop loans are designed to help you release cash quickly and easily without the need for credit checks or your credit rating being affected. We will offer you a loan based on the value of your item that you want to use for collateral. The loan cost will comprise of the loan amount and the interest that will be applied. Our loans are fair and transparent, and you can repay your loan at any point during the loan term. If you are unable to repay the loan at the end of the term, you can get in touch with us to agree to an extended loan term as long as you can pay the interest on your loan.

We also offer vehicle loans, estate buying services and collateral business loans.

Why choose GEM Pawnbrokers?

There are many good reasons to choose GEM Pawnbrokers as your pawn shop which include:

  • We have 24 conveniently located stores across New York
  • We are the largest pawnbrokers in the New York City area
  • Our extensive experience in handling a wide variety of goods
  • We have been operating for over 70 years
  • We offer a fair and honest service
  • We will offer the highest value for your items
  • Our service is fast and efficient
  • We handle a wide variety of items
  • We will buy your item or you can use it as loan collateral
  • Valuables used as loan collateral are securely stored for the loan period in our private vaults
  • We can offer loans up to $1,000,000
  • We can offer some of the lowest collateral loan rates in the US