Pawn Emeralds

Are you thinking of pawning emeralds? Did you know that emeralds are one of the most valuable gems? With their vivid and eye-catching green, they have always been a popular choice for jewelry, which is why pawn shops love them too.

What does a pawn shop look for?

When you bring your emeralds to us we will appraise your piece to assess its value and authenticity. Many emeralds on the market today have been man-made in a lab and not mined as proportionately more synthetic emeralds are sold by retailers. Synthetic emeralds are worth less than mined emeralds.

We will also look at the size and weight of the emerald and calculate its value. We have specialist assessors who are trained to work with gems and know what to look for.

How much is an emerald worth?

Emeralds are assessed using the 4Cs to determine their value like other gems. These are:

Cut – How the emerald has been cut is a big factor such as how smooth the surface is and how well it reflects the lights. More delicately cut emeralds will provide a better reflection.

Color – High on the list is the color as the fresher and purer the green is good but the darker the color also increases its value. The appraiser will look at the color hue, saturation and depth of color.

Clarity – Under this C the appraiser will be looking at two things, how clear the emerald is, and any damage. Damage can include scratches, abrasions or inclusions as these will impact the value.

Carat – this looks at the weight and size of the gem alongside the other Cs. For example, a larger emerald with poorer clarity will be worth less than a smaller emerald that is darker in color.

Preparing your emeralds for sale

If you are looking to sell your emeralds it is good practice to clean them beforehand, but you should take care when doing so by using the correct methods. It is advisable to clean emeralds using a clean, soft cloth and don’t use an ultrasound cleaner or cleaning fluids.

Are pawn shops the best place to sell emeralds?

Pawn shops can be one of the best places to sell your jewelry for several reasons. Firstly, because pawn shops like ours offer some of the best rates for jewelry, so you will get a competitive offer. Secondly, it is much safer, quicker and more convenient to sell to a pawn shop than to try and sell jewelry privately. If you are in doubt, you could always get an appraisal elsewhere so that you have a comparison.

If you want to find out what your emeralds are worth call into one of our 24 conveniently located stores throughout the New York City area to get your free appraisal and offer.