Buy electronics in store at Brooklyn

So many people do not realise that a pawn shop is a fantastic place where they can buy electronic goods. With our range of local stores, it couldn’t be easier. For instance, our Brooklyn branch is ideally placed for browsing a wonderful range of electronics and several other products.

Why buy electronics from a pawn shop?

Whenever the latest model of an electronic device comes out onto the market, a lot of people tend to sell their own units to pawn shops. So if you are looking to purchase electronics such as a flat-screen TV, Xbox console, PlayStation console, laptop or smartphone at a cheaper rate, visiting GEM Pawnbrokers’ Brooklyn branch, or any of our branches in the New York City area, is a good thing to do instead of buying expensive and brand new ones. 

There are many game consoles available in pawn shops. Every time the latest model is released, console owners sell their old ones and grab the latest one. In most cases, game consoles come in good working condition at half the price. If it has been tried and tested to be in working order, then consider this device a great buy since you’ll be getting it at a fraction of the original cost. 

If you live in Brooklyn and you are looking for an electronics store, visit our Brooklyn branch today and see our wide array of electronic items that are thoroughly checked and fairly priced, ensuring that you will have peace of mind whenever you transact with us. 

Owning the latest model of any device is a wonderful way to occupy yourself or stay updated with the events of the world. While a lot of people focus on having whatever happens to be the newest model of a device, there are actually some benefits you can gain from buying used electronic devices. 

First, you will be able to get hold of fairly recent items that are sold in the market. If you are not aware by now, most pawn shops do not usually carry modern electronic devices that are more than 2 years old. This means you will be able to own fairly recent items at cheaper rates. In some cases, pawn shops can offer a warranty on the electronics they sell so in the event you will encounter any issue with the device that you have bought from them, just bring it back and they will fix or replace it. For more details, feel free to talk with GEM Pawnbrokers and see what other perks are available to protect the used electronics you purchase.

Second, if you are looking for used electronics such as phonographs, record players or old cassette players, a pawn shop is the perfect spot to find rare items that you want to own or collect. Aside from the latest models of modern electronics, a lot of pawn shops keep an inventory of vintage electronics where you cannot find anywhere else.

Third, for many discriminating pawnbrokers, the quality of a product is an important determinant in ensuring the success of their enterprise. That is the reason why their items are thoroughly checked and examined, making sure they all meet the standard of excellence that they are aiming for. This does not only include how visually appealing the electronics look but also the overall functionality of the items and their distinct features. 

Fourth, the biggest perk of buying used electronics is perhaps the fact that you can get items at discounted rates. For instance, if you want to own the latest iPhone, the latest price is likely going to give you second thoughts about buying it. However, purchasing a second hand device of the latest iPhone is a great way to grab the device at a reduced price.

Fifth, since purchasing used electronics come with reduced rates, you may be able to buy more than one device. Usually, you probably have enough money to buy a single device then save money again to purchase another one. However, pawn shops can give you the opportunity to buy multiple used electronics at once because of their discounts. It’s like having more for less without the hassle of visiting the shop multiple times!

Is it safe to buy electronics from a pawn shop?

Of course! It is very safe to purchase electronics from a pawn shop. As a matter of fact, pawn shops are monitored and supervised by 14 different federal regulations, local laws and state laws. Some of the laws that are frequently mentioned by various organisations and affiliations are the Bank Secrecy Act and IRS regulations, Privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, Trading with the Enemy Act, Truth-in-Lending Act and USA Patriot Act.

The federal state and local government recognise pawn shops as legitimate businesses however, just like everything else, some may not be as trustworthy as others. Therefore, it is safe to say that all prospective buyers should look up the pawn shop’s website and determine what groups or affiliations they belong to. As for GEM Pawnbrokers, we are aligned with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Gemological Institute Of America Alumni & Association, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Jewelers of America, NYC Police Athletic League, NYC Business Improvement District, Jewelers Security Alliance, Diamond Council of America, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Queens Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Professional Appraisers.

Whenever electronics are brought over to us, we thoroughly check each item and determine if it is fully functional and safe to use. If the device has a memory, we will wipe it out and restore it to its original factory settings, as well as remove any personal data from the previous owners, so it would seem like new. 

Wherever possible, we will also provide the necessary instructions and paperwork so that you will be able to know how to properly use it, however, if this is not possible, the device will have online instructions that can support you when you need it. 

We also make a great effort to ensure that our electronic goods are not stolen by checking the origin and ownership. We also work with the police to ensure suspicious individuals or stolen goods are being reported, making sure they are not distributed within our chain of 24 branches. 

Want to sell your electronics?

If you are considering selling your electronics, drop by at your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers branch because we will offer you a fair, easy and transparent service. Unlike other modes of selling your devices, you do not need to advertise, answer enquiries, weigh in offers, arrange for postage or collection or deal with any disputes regarding the condition of your goods.

When you sell your electronics to us, we will thoroughly check the item and assess its condition and market value before we will give you an offer. We actually enjoy patrons pawning their electronics but there are just some devices that cannot command a high price. So that you can get the most money out of it, here’s what you’ve got to do. 

  • It needs to look good. Pawnbrokers have seen a lot of items brought to them over the years and they already understand the difference between a junk and a treasure. If there is a question about your item (because it is full of dirt and scum), the pawn value will naturally drop. Wondering why? Because they end up cleaning the device themselves. If you want to bump the price a little higher, clean your electronics first and make it presentable to sell. 
  • It needs to work. We do not accept broken, faulty or defective devices but if you do leave your defective devices with us, we will be selling its working parts if possible. When you visit us, you need to demonstrate that your device is functional and in good working condition. Take your time to show us all its wonderful features. 
  • It needs to be complete. If you want to get a higher offer, make sure it comes with the complete set. Things like cables, remotes, instruction manuals, receipts, and product boxes will help determine its authenticity, so you end up getting a little more money than just taking the device alone with us.
  • It needs to sell. Our pawnbrokers need to determine that if we will buy your device, we will be able to sell it. 

Why chose GEM Pawnbrokers?

Here at GEM Pawnbrokers, we have been providing pawnbroking services for more than 70 years and our wealth of experience in handling a wide variety of goods and items such as electronics is excellent. Our Brooklyn branch will give you a warm welcome and will help you to select the right electronic goods that you may want and need.

If our Brooklyn store isn’t convenient for you, we have 23 other stores that are conveniently located across New York and Long Island. Feel free to visit one of our stores or check out our website before you purchase any electronic goods and see if we can offer you a better deal!