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The best items to sell from your house for fast cash

Interested in creating a gold mine out of your household chaos? Find out how to market several household items to gain some extra money.

Handbags designed by famous designers

Despite the pandemic, the demand for brand new and second-hand designer handbags continues to rise despite the millennial and centennial generations rewriting the future of luxury brands. Chanel's Flap Bag and Hermès Himalayan, for instance, are timeless pieces that never sell out. If anything, their prices have increased over time. Unless you're looking to sell pre-loved designer handbags from the aforementioned brands and many others, there's no better time than right now to make a substantial profit.

Items of antiquity

A superb collection of ceramic planters, porcelain vases, handmade Native American rugs, crystals, and other antique pieces is a dream come true for many collectors. The problem is, later on you may realize your collection simply collects dust, or maybe you inherited pieces that don't suit your taste in decor. It might still be possible for someone else to find joy in these antiques even if they are no longer happy for you. If you find yourself in this situation, you should sell your antiques.

Fashion Jewelry

The most stable asset that never runs out of true value. Authentic gold, pearls, and fashion pieces of jewellery can be pawned at hefty prices. Depending on their condition, rarity and marketability, these pieces of jewellery can help you earn fast cash in times of need. Not to mention that pieces of jewellery are the most common items to be pawned compared to others. So if you are short on cash and looking for a better way to make something out of your investment, consider pawning some of your prized jewellery. Pawn Shops normally provide generous interest rates and flexible payment arrangements allowing you to redeem it back. 

Timepieces and watches

A Rolex or a Cartier timepiece worn by your father or mother is a source of great pride. It might be worthwhile to listen to your inner voice if it's saying it doesn't look good on you. You should wear a timepiece that is right for you. Then it could be ideal for you to sell your designer watch for a competitive price if it doesn't, and you don't want to force your children to endure an heirloom that doesn't fit their tastes.

Memorabilia of sports and music

Music and sports memorabilia markets are massive. The passion for collecting souvenirs, autographs, apparel, and instruments of famous singers, rappers, bands, pianists, songwriters, and other musicians is unparalleled. They collect things like baseballs, footballs, golfs, boxings, wrestlings, horseback ridings, NASCARs, and so many more sports-related items.

When selling sports or music memorabilia, you need to ensure that each item is authentic. If you do not, you may gain an irreversible negative reputation among dedicated memorabilia buyers.

Fashionable scarves

One of the most popular accessories in the world of glamour and glitz is the silkscreened designer scarf from Hermès. Hugo Grygkar, Eugene Brunelle, and Kermit Oliver are among the many artists who contributed to these lavish scarves. The greatest value is found in Hermès' limited vintage pieces, though scarves from Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and other prestigious fashion designers are also worth a lot depending on the style, season, rarity, and story behind every scarf.


The compulsive hoarding habit is a bad behaviour pattern that many people fall into, as they tend to collect unused items, including electronic devices that will be forgotten in the future. There are enthusiasts throughout the world, however, who collect stereo systems and equipment. Sell high-end electronics such as speakers, amplifiers, and music players from brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Pioneer, Onkyo, Teac, and Denon if you want to make money fast without putting much effort in.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the cost of the item or the fame of the brand, you should always ensure that the investment piece is kept in excellent condition. Whenever you choose to resell an item, the more wear, scratches, and scuffs it has, the lower the price you are going to get.

Moreover, wherever your motivation may be for selling pre-owned items, there has never been a better time to start and complete a decluttering project since we spend so much time at home. Organizing and cleaning can even be motivated by a simple insight. We might, for example, decide which Asian antiques best suit our decorative tastes as we spend more time in our family rooms, and then determine which ones we could sell. The same can be said for taking a break from our office attire and figuring out which clothes or accessories we need to add to our closet. You'd be surprised to find that you have a lot of valuable things you can sell. Whatever it is, you can earn money fast by following our recommendations. 

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