Pawn valuable assets

The current economic climate has resulted in many people struggling to pay their bills and to get their finances to balance. This has led to many people looking for ways to raise money and one attractive option is to pawn valuable assets.

Why choose to pawn valuable assets?

Pawning your items is an easy and quick way to raise funds as it doesn’t require you to have any checks or guarantees so there is minimal paperwork and time needed. You can walk out with a loan the same day.

You can use a wide range of items as collateral for a pawn shop loan which makes it a flexible and widely available loan as most people will have something suitable for collateral. The loans don’t restrict who is eligible as there aren’t any criteria, unlike many loans as no credit checks or guarantees are needed. Therefore, pawn shop loans are available to anyone.

With pawn shop loans you get the collateral item back at the end of the term or earlier if you have paid the loan in full.

What valuable assets can you pawn?

You can pawn a wide range of items at our pawn shops as we accept a variety of jewelry, electronics, clothing and accessories. We advise that you select an item that will raise the funds that you need and that you won’t miss whilst we hold it as collateral.

Pawn jewelry is a popular option as we all have something that we don’t wear often that we are willing to part with. You are best selecting jewelry that is made from high-quality materials such as gold or contains precious stones like diamonds, sapphires or rubies.

Pawn silver or designer jewelry can also be valuable assets as these can hold a good value too depending on the brand and the design.

Electronic goods and designer items such as handbags, watches and shoes can also be attractive pawn items.

The important thing to note is that whatever you choose to pawn you should ensure that it is in a good condition and a properly functioning order. We will assess the quality and authenticity if it is jewelry or designer goods to offer you a fair and competitive price.

Why choose GEM Pawnbrokers?

GEM Pawnbrokers have been helping people in the New York City area since 1947 and are the largest pawnbrokers in the area. We have 24 conveniently located branches throughout the New York City area. We are the name you can trust, and we provide fair and competitive loans, purchase prices and sale prices for second-hand goods.

Come along to one of our 24 branches where you’ll receive a warm welcome or request a quote online if you can’t visit us in a branch and see what your valuable assets could raise for you.