Items pawnshops buy

If you have never visited one of our pawnshops and seen the wide range of goods on offer, you can be excused for asking what items pawnshops buy. It is a question we often get asked because we do accept such a wide range of goods.

Whether you are looking to sell your items or use them as collateral in a pawnshop loan you can learn about the items you can use in this blog.

What items pawnshops buy

We all have so many items that we carry around or in our homes that can be pawned or sold to raise money through a pawnshop. Which item is best to use is really up to you as it will depend on what you are willing to part with and how much you what to raise.

Jewelry - Jewelry is a great pawn item as it can often hold a lot of residual value. As long as your piece is in a good condition you will be able to raise funds from gold, silver and good quality costume pieces. This includes watches, rings, necklaces, chains, charms, bracelets, earrings and brooches.

Accessories - Accessories including handbags, sunglasses, hats and belts are also items that be sold or pawned if they are in good condition and are desirable labels or brands.

Clothing – Similar to accessories some clothing and footwear can also be used if they are a desirable brand or label and they are in a good condition. This can include coats, dresses, suits, tops, jeans, shoes and trainers.

Electronics – There is a broad range of electronic goods that you can bring to us which can include but are not limited to games consoles, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, flat-screen TVs, speakers, and appliances.

But we also accept other items which include vehicles, musical instruments, power tools, artwork, silverware and silver flatware, and collectible items. The best thing to do is contact us on (718) - 596 – 5626 or call into one of our stores to speak to one of our team.

How does a pawnshop work?

Whether you want to sell your item or pawn it, you will need to visit one of our stores and have your item appraised by one of our experienced team. They will give a value for purchasing the item or pawning it. If you decide to pawn the item we will talk you through the process so you understand the terms and we will look after your item until the loan is repaid.

Why chose GEM Pawnbrokers?

We have been providing pawnbroking services for over 70 years across the New York City area and we have 24 conveniently located stores. Our teams have a wealth of experience in handling a wide variety of items and they will offer you a fair and competitive price for your goods. Come and visit us and experience the GEM Pawnbrokers' way of raising cash easily.