How much could I make from selling my goods?

We all have things lying around in our homes or stored away that we no longer need or use which could earn us some money. Or you might be looking for a loan but don’t have a home to use as collateral, well a pawn shop loan could use your every day items as the collateral for the loan.

So you are probably thinking what do I have that is of any value, well let’s think.

Personal items

If you look at the contents of your handbag or the things that you wear, you can quickly add up quite a lot of money. For example:

  • Gucci handbag - $1,200
  • Christian Dior sunglasses - $275
  • iPhone 11 - $325
  • TAG Heuer watch - £1,000
  • Diamond ring - $350

As you can see we all can accumulate quite a lot of high-value items that we carry around or wear every day. Now if these are your treasured items and you don’t want to part from them, you may find you have similar items or an older version in your wardrobe, drawers or jewelry box. It is worth dig around to see what you can find that you are willing to part with.

Around the home

At home, you may find lots of high-value items amongst everything that you own. For example:

In the lounge:

  • Philips 50 in 4K UHD LED TV - $300
  • PlayStation 4 - $250
  • Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker - $129
  • Lenovo legion 5 Gen 6 laptop - $1,200
  • iPad Pro 11 1st Gen – $475

In the bedroom:

  • 18kt gold necklace - $150
  • 18kt gold earrings - $125
  • Robert Cavalli scarf - $55
  • Saint Laurent shoes - $520
  • Nike Aix Max - $70

In the garage:

  • Electric guitar - $350
  • Canon camera - $80
  • Golf clubs - $450

The values quoted above are just a guide and the value of an item will vary depending on the brand, model and its condition. The best way to find out what you can earn from your items is to call into one of 24 stores across the New York area with the items and let us give them a proper appraisal.

Whether you decide to sell or pawn your goods is up to you. We can give you a valuation and a loan offer and let you decide which option is best for you. If you decide to pawn the item/s, then we will securely store them for the term of the loan and once you have repaid the loan we will return the item/s to you.

Come and visit one of our conveniently located 24 stores and see how much you can make from your items.