Cash in on your designer sunglasses

If you are looking to raise some funds you may be considering what items you have that are suitable to sell. Some of the suitable items may surprise you, like designer sunglasses. If you have a pair of designer sunglasses that are sitting around in a drawer that you no longer wear or are happy to part with for a few months, then they might be a great piece to sell or pawn to raise funds.

Selling your designer sunglasses privately vs a pawn shop

There are many places where you can sell your designer sunglasses which include selling them through an online marketplace or preloved sites, or you can sell them to a pawn shop. If you sell them privately online you will need to handle all the promotions and communications with potential buyers. This will include taking photos and creating a listing with a description of them. You need to negotiate with buyers, manage the payment and sort out collection or delivery as well as handle any issues if they arise. There may be costs to factor in including selling fees, packaging and delivery costs.

If you sell your designer sunglasses to a pawn shop you will only need to take them to the pawn shop for an appraisal and agree a price for them. You can negotiate the price and then walk away with the money the same day. So, it can be much quicker, simpler and convenient.

Selling vs pawning your designer sunglasses

Whether you decide to sell or pawn your sunglasses is a personal decision about whether you want to have your sunglasses back again or whether you can live without them. The two options are:

Selling your designer sunglasses – if you sell your sunglasses to a pawn shop they will be appraised, and a price agreed. And as mentioned above you can walk away with the money straight away.

Pawning your designer sunglasses – the difference with pawning your sunglasses is that after the appraisal you will be given a loan quotation that will detail the loan amount with interest and the length of the loan term. If you agree to the loan, the sunglasses will be retained by the pawn shop and stored securely for the length of the loan. You will get the sunglasses back once the loan has been repaid. If you are unable to repay the loan in full the pawn shop can sell the sunglasses to recoup their losses, but before this happens you can discuss if a loan extension is possible.

Where to sell or pawn your designer sunglasses

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