Can you pawn broken jewelry?

We all know that jewelry is a great item for pawning and there is value in it but what if your jewelry is broken or damaged, does it still hold some value?

You shouldn’t just write off your broken jewelry as being worthless as it can still hold some residual value, but this will depend on the item, the type of damage and what is made of. But where should you take these broken or damaged pieces of jewelry to see if they hold any value?

Pawn shops can be a good place to take your broken jewelry to see if they are worth anything as they are easily accessible and can offer a fair and competitive price for jewelry.

Will a pawn shop buy my broken jewelry?

A pawn shop will appraise the jewelry to see what the piece is worth and whether the piece can be repaired. The piece if it can be repaired can be sold and will have a value as a piece still but the repair costs will be factored into the valuation given.

If the piece is not repairable then there can be elements of the piece that can still hold some value which can be reused. For example, if your piece is made from gold it can be weighed in for cash as gold is in high demand so no matter what state your rings, necklaces or earrings are in, they will have some value due to the gold value. You also need to consider the gemstones that they may contain such as diamonds as these will also have a value as well.

Should I sell my broken jewelry to a pawn shop or gold buyer?

There are advantages of selling your broken jewelry to a pawn shop as they will appraise the piece face-to-face and give you a fair and honest appraisal of the item based on whether the item can be repaired or is only worth the gold weight. As you can visit them you get the valuation straight away without having to mail the piece and wait, and the money is given to you straight away with no delays.

Pawn shops typically offer higher values for gold than gold buyers. Statistics show that gold buyers often offer 40% of the value whereas pawn shops are higher at up to 70% of the value.

So it is definitely worth having your jewelry appraised at a pawn shop to see whether it can raise some money for you. We have 24 conveniently placed branches across the New York City area, so you are never too far away from one of our experienced appraisers. Visit us to find out what your broken and unused jewelry could be worth.