Buy Affordable Sterling Silver at New York Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are a great place to find affordable items especially in New York where there is a great network of reliable pawn shops. Sterling silver is amongst some of the popular items bought and sold, so it’s worth a visit to have a look.

Affordable sterling silver

You can find affordable sterling silver at our New York pawn shops as we offer a wide range of jewelry and items for sale. We purchase quality sterling silver items that we can sell in our stores at competitive prices.

Our range is constantly changing as we are always buying and selling jewelry, so it is worth keeping an eye on our online shop to see what we have available as we get some great pieces. We get a combination of modern fashion pieces as well as older and antique pieces which are more unique.

How much is my sterling silver piece worth?

Sterling silver is a desirable but less expensive metal for making jewelry from but it is still worth a reasonable amount. The value of the piece will vary depending on the design, brand and quality of it. The best way to find out the value is to bring it to one of our stores to have it appraised. When we appraise the piece we will be looking at it and examining the weight of the piece to see if it matches expectations for silver.

You can help increase the saleability of your items by checking that it is intact and that any clasps or joints are working, as well as cleaning your piece so that it is looking its best for being valued.

Two tests can be done on silver to check authenticity, these are the lighter test and the bleach test. The lighter test is using a lighter to heat the metal to see how it reacts, if it blackens then it is silver. The bleach test works similarly in turning the silver black by using a small amount of bleach. The mark can be removed with a small amount of vinegar.

Why choose to buy from a pawn shop?

Pawn shops are a great place to buy from as they offer competitive prices compared to mainstream shops. The jewelry has been checked and verified as being genuine and you are buying from a reputable business and not from a person online if you were to purchase a piece second-hand from elsewhere.

Choosing GEM Pawnbrokers is a wise choice as we have been operating in the New York City area for over 70 years and are the largest pawnbrokers in the area with 24 conveniently located stores. We have extensive experience in handling a broad range of items and we offer a fair and honest service.

So why not visit one of our stores or our online shop to see what sterling silver pieces we have? Find your nearest store here.