Best place to pawn necklaces in NYC

If you are looking to raise some money then selling or pawning some jewelry is one easy to release some cash fast. Necklaces are one of the most desirable jewelry pieces as they remain a popular piece of jewelry.

We accept a wide variety of pawn necklaces and are happy to offer a valuation in one of many stores across the New York area.

What type of necklaces are we interested in?

We are interested in any necklaces that hold any value. These can be necklaces made of gold including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, or silver. We are also interested in necklaces that contain precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Solid gold pieces are worth more but we will consider gold plated jewelry.

We will consider some cosmetic jewelry if it is of a desirable brand or antique, but it is best to speak to us about these to see if they are of value and worth pawning.

What is my necklace worth?

The value of your pawn necklaces will depend on several factors which include:

  • What it is comprised of – the metal it is made from and the presence of hallmarks to tell us the metal content and sometimes who made the piece. Any jewels or stones contained in the piece and their clarity.
  • Condition of the piece – we will examine the necklace for signs of damage and wear and tear that impact its value.

We will use these factors and the market prices for the metals and jewels/stones to calculate the necklaces’ worth.

Your choice to sell or pawn necklaces

When you visit one of our many stores you will be greeted warmly and given the choice of selling your necklace or pawning the necklace. We will offer you a fair and competitive price for your necklace based on the market value and condition.

We will give a price for purchasing the necklace and can offer you a loan. We will clearly detail the loan terms which include the loan amount plus interest and the length of the loan. During the loan term, your necklace will be stored securely in our safe until you return for it.

At the end of the loan term or before, if you repay the full loan amount early, you will get back the necklace. If you are unable to repay the loan within the agreed timescale, you should speak to us as we may be able to extend the loan period so that you can still get your necklace back once you have fully repaid the loan.

If you want to find out what your pawn necklaces are worth visit one of our 24 conveniently located stores across the New York area.