Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re already sweating about what to get your sweetie, we’ve got good news for you. Pawn shops are the way to go.

Anyone can get their significant other flowers or chocolates—we know you want to do something even bigger and better for the one you love. Yet, things like diamond necklaces and designer handbags don’t always come cheap. That’s why, at GEM Pawnbrokers, we offer a variety of perfect gift selections for the one you love at prices you can afford.

How Pawn Shops Work

If you’ve never bought something from a pawn shop before, don’t worry; it couldn’t be easier. We buy products like watches, gold, silver, etc., from anyone who needs cash in a hurry. That allows us to then sell those products at lower prices.

If you need a little extra cash for Valentine’s Day, a pawn shop is a great place to get it. You can pawn electronics, jewelry, etc., for the extra money you want to spend on your sweetheart. That money can turn your Valentine’s Day from a simple gift exchange into an elaborate night on the town!

Buying Pawn Shop Jewelry

The real beauty of pawn shops, though, comes from buying items people have already sold to us. We pass the savings on to you, making it easy for you to buy gold and silver, used designer bags, or whatever your Valentine might desire!

It’s safe to say pawnshop jewelry is the best value you’ll find. A pawn shop is the best place to buy gold. Who doesn’t want to get something shiny that looks expensive on the most romantic day of the year? When you go the pawn shop route, you’re going the smart route. Save the chocolates for another day (or eat them yourself, we won’t judge!).

person holding ring case

Buying, Selling, and Making Valentine’s Day Sweet

At GEM Pawnbrokers, we do it all. We’ll buy your stuff if you need extra Valentine’s Day cash, or we’re happy to sell you top-of-the-line jewelry, handbags, gold, and everything in between. Bottom line? We don’t want you to end up in the doghouse this year.

If you do want to sell some of your items, we offer the highest prices paid of any pawn shop you’ll find in the area. That’s another bonus—with 24 locations, there’s a GEM Pawnbrokers near you with a friendly, expert staff waiting to take care of you. You can’t miss us!

Looking to buy something for your loved one instead? We’ve got you covered. Our staff is GIA- (Gemological Institute of America) and JA- (Jewelers of America) certified, so we’ll ensure you’re getting the best item for the best price. What’s even sweeter than that? How about the fact that there’s no credit needed?

Finally, we offer instant cash loans, and our customers have a full four months to pay it back. So, don’t stress about Valentine’s Day this year. With over 70 years in business, GEM Pawnbrokers is here to make shopping for your significant other easier than ever before.

Stop by one of our convenient locations (don’t wait until the last minute like last year!), and we’ll help you decide on the perfect gift for your perfect partner. Save on your gift, splurge on the fancy dinner, and you’re a winner all around.

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