Top Five Electronic Items Pawn Shops Want

If you’re pawning your property for cash, you’ll get more money if you have something pawn shops really want. Electronics are almost always welcome at pawn shops, as televisions, sound systems, gaming consoles, and computers can always fetch a good resale price.

If you’re going through your home looking for property to take to a fast cash pawn shop, these items will help you get the money you urgently need.

  • OLED TVs – These high-end televisions are hot sellers in stores and at pawn shops. Bring in an OLED and, chances are, that you’ll get good money for your property.
  • New gaming consoles – While there’s a demand for older consoles because of the nostalgia factor, the newest consoles will almost always fetch the best prices.
  • Apple products – Whether it’s an iPhone or an iPad, Apple products are hot on the resale market.
  • Electric guitars – Pawn shops can always find a musician with dreams of glory in need of a new electric guitar or bass.
  • Power tools – Many DIY enthusiasts and even skilled craftsmen cruise pawn shops looking for great deals on expensive power tools like saws and high-end drills.

If parting with your favorite guitar or your prized wet saw is giving you a little angst, remember that you can redeem your pawned items within a reasonable amount of time. Pawning items for cash is a great way to take out a temporary loan that you can repay soon after.

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