Vintage USSR Sword and Sheath Jabot Pin Lab Grown Ruby 1930s Collectible

Delve into history with this captivating Vintage USSR Sword and Sheath Jabot Pin, adorned with a lab-grown ruby, a collectible piece harkening back to the 1930s. Crafted with precision and imbued with historical significance, this jabot pin is a remarkable addition to any collection.

Measuring 2.7 inches in length and 0.40 inches in width, this pin exudes a sense of authority and elegance with its intricate sword and sheath design. Crafted from solid 14k rose gold, the warm tones of the metal perfectly complement the vibrant ruby set within the hilt of the sword.

At the heart of the pin gleams a single round lab-grown ruby, with a weight of 0.04 carats. The ruby's deep red hue adds a touch of regal splendor to the piece, enhancing its allure and historical significance.

Emblazoned with markings indicative of its origin, including the USSR star, 583, .5PH, and 175, this jabot pin bears the stamp of authenticity and craftsmanship. With a condition rating of 10/10, it showcases flawless condition, reflecting its careful preservation over the years.

Brand Name - Unbranded
Base Metal - Rose Gold, 14k
Condition - Used
Length - 2.7"
Width - 0.40"
Weight in DWT - 1.3
Weight in Grams - 2
Colored Stone Quantity - 1
Colored Stone Shape - Round
Colored Stone Type - Ruby
Colored Stone Creation - Lab-Created
Colored Stone Measurements - 0.04ct
Markings - USSR Star, 583, .5PH, 175
Condition Rating - 10/10

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