Winter 2019 Jewelry Trends

Is that chill you’re feeling from your mother-in-law’s stare, or is winter at the doorstep? Either way, the temperature’s definitely dropping. You might be bundling up soon, but you can still inject some easy trends into your wardrobe. The easiest of them all is pawn jewelry, and this winter you’ve got options galore. Check out these trends if you want to end your year with some bling.


The Missing Link

You might have a few styles of jewelry lying around, but, if you don’t have chunky chains, you’re missing out on an insanely hot winter 2019 trend. Go big or go home is pretty much the phrase of the day with this particular style. From giant chokers to absolutely massive ear candy, taking this trend home from the pawn shop will definitely turn heads.

How to wear it: Break up an all-black outfit and draw attention upward with a chunky gold or silver choker. Amp up the look with earrings, or leave the choker out of it; either one will work. You can even pair a metallic dress, pants, or top with chain links to make the most of that metal feel.


A Timeless Classic

The pearl is making a comeback this winter, big time, and the great thing about 2019 is that you can wear pearls pretty much anywhere without getting busted by the fashion police or taking out cash loans. Pick your pearl style at the pawn shop and go—from cultured and polished to costume and multi-colored, fresh and saltwater pearls are available in pretty much any shape and size to suit every attitude.

How to wear it: Pearls around your ankles? Go for it! Wrists and ears? Yup. The pearl necklace is always in style, but, this year, they’re taking it a step further and adding shells. Coco Chanel may have advised taking at least one piece of jewelry off before leaving the house, but with so many ways to wear pearls, why would you want to?


Make an Overstatement

If you’re tired of the same-old, same-old, break the boredom with chunk and color. Whether it’s thick neon hoops, jewel-tone feathers, or bright bracelets, bold is the way to go this winter. You’ll find there are all kinds of daring jewelry on the shelf. If you don’t see anything you like, no problem. You can easily make something customized. Just take metal bracelets or a pair of thin hoops and wrap some crazy patterned or colored fabric around them for instant chic.

How to wear it: Like goes great with like; pair a bold blazer with equally bold earrings, bracelets, and a cocktail ring. Or, match your accessories with one bold color in your outfit. Don’t be afraid to go all-out and wear everything at once!

Long and Lean

luxurious blonde woman in golden dress

Never mind this winter; long earrings have been going strong all year. From drops and strands to swing and straight, the long style has many faces. Long earrings recall old Hollywood, especially when they sparkle. From mild to wild, these ear chandeliers are all about making a statement. Getting them from a pawn shop where people sell diamond jewelry can mean lots of high-end finds for you.

How to wear it: Even if it’s just a ponytail, long earrings pair well with hair that’s pulled back or up. Grab an off-the-shoulder or V-neck top with super-long earrings and slick back your hair for some serious smolder.


Artsy Abstract

Some say the body is a canvas, but, if tats aren’t your thing, abstract jewelry might be. We’re talking otherworldly shapes, strange color combinations, and finishes of all kinds. This awesome winter style adds some art and unexpectedness to your look … and bonus: With this style, you don’t have to worry about matching; the more you don’t, the more abstract you get.

How to wear it: You can choose abstract jewelry in sets or single out with one or two pieces. Go crazy with any style you want. Imagine a soft and cozy turtleneck with amazing abstract earrings. Or, you never know—that twisty bracelet could be the perfect partner for a pair of patterned pants. Say that ten times fast!


Set It Up

The 18th and 19th centuries were golden ages for luxurious elegance. Jewelry was all about wearing the entire set: necklace, earrings, bracelet, hair ornament, and brooch. In winter 2019, sets are back to give you tons to work with. Don’t be afraid to visit your local pawn shop, where lots of people go to sell gold and vintage jewelry.

Why go vintage? Because lots of these sets had fittings that let you wear pieces in more than one way. You could wear a pendant as a brooch or add lots of dangle and bling to earrings for evenings. Also, it’s an investment that only appreciates with age.

How to wear it: All at once if you want to make a big splash. You can also make a showcase out of one or two gorgeous pieces and save the others for the next time you head out. Although sets can be worn dressed up or down, you’ll do them the most justice when you’re as dressed up as they are.


bracelet jewelry

My Semi-Precious

Gollum may have loved his gold ring, but that’s because he didn’t know about semi-precious stones like jade, amethyst, malachite, and turquoise. Okay, maybe not, but these beauties are still the perfect choice for cold winter weather. There are too many of these stones to list here, but rest assured there are some absolutely gorgeous pieces in your local pawn shop.

How to wear it: Semi-precious stone jewelry comes in every flavor. A bright malachite cocktail ring set in silver will get everyone talking just as much as statement drop earrings crafted with tiger’s eye. Adding stones to boho styles will definitely underline that earthy feel and, when dressing up is in the script, any rhinestones or diamonds around the edges will make you red-carpet-ready. See what we did there?


The Perfect Mismatch

If you’ve ever worn two different shoes to work, then get ready to celebrate. Thanks to the mismatched earring trend, you can now make it look like you planned it that way. Not only that but, because you can wear any earring combination, you won’t have to worry about what to choose.

How to wear it: With your two different shoes, of course! But, seriously, folks, mismatched earrings go with everything. You can go totally quirky with your clothes or grab some double-takes for adding mismatched earrings to an otherwise conservative outfit. Mix a fancy diamond stud with a long metal spike, or an abstract chunk with a hoop; whatever you choose, you’ll be right on-trend.


Why the Pawn Shop’s a Perfect Jewelry Source

Jewelry is still a great thing to visit your nearby pawn shops for. Not only will you pay a fraction of what it would cost you to buy retail, but you won’t lose out on quality. Pawn shops won’t take just anything, you know; they’ll only put items in their displays that they’re pretty sure will sell fast—and that means an awesome selection.

Vintage is huge right now, too, and that’s another thing pawn shops are known for. There’s no doubt you’ll find some surprising pieces whenever you walk through the door. If they sold the pawn shop, they’ll sell you, too.


GEM Knows Jewelry

If you’re tired of scouring the flea markets and antique shops for the fashion jewelry you crave, you’ll want to visit us. At GEM Pawnbrokers, we’ve been at this for over 70 years. With no fewer than 24 locations, each one with certified GIA and JA specialists, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. We also pay the highest prices in all of NYC for your stuff. Hit us up: (718) 596-5626.

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