We Buy Estates. How to Get Rid of Everything … NOW!

When you need to get rid of everything now, it’s time to call the experts.

Whether you’re moving or managing the death of a loved one, our experienced estate liquidators can help.

Why do people have estate sales?

When people die, loved ones have to decide what to do with their belongings. If the families don’t want to keep the items, they can sell everything in an estate sale.

People also hold estate sales when they move into retirement homes, file for bankruptcy, get a divorce, or downsize to a smaller home.

Whenever you need to sell off all or most of your property, an estate sale is the way to do it.

Why hold an estate sale?

Why not a garage sale? Or an auction? Why not sell your stuff at a pawn shop? It depends on what you’re selling, why you’re selling, and when you need to sell it by:

  • Need some extra spending money? Want to clear up some clutter? Have a dozen or a few dozen items you want to get rid of? Hold a garage or yard sale.
  • Want to make quick cash? Have one valuable piece of jewelry? A designer handbag? Several precious pieces? Go to a pawn shop.
  • Need to sell everything or almost everything quickly? An estate sale is your best option.

Where do you begin?

The first step is to look over your stuff. How much do you have? Are there any valuable items? Any big furnishings?

Whatever you do, don’t throw anything away, even if you think it’s junk. It may be worth a lot of money. Only an expert can tell.

What then?

Next, contact an estate sale company. Professional estate sale liquidators will inspect and appraise your assets.

They’ll tell you how much your belongings are worth and how much you’re likely to get from the entire sale. (It’s usually less than most people expect, so be realistic).

Finally, the pawnbroker or estate sale company will usually:

  • Secure the permits.
  • Get the word out.
  • Arrange the goods.
  • Establish the sale rules.
  • Manage the sale.
  • Pay the tax.

How do estate sales work?

Estate sales are usually held in the home. Items are tagged and displayed throughout the house.

People line up outside and wait for the doors to open. Once the sale starts, items go on a first come, first served basis.

Some estate companies use a numbering system. People take a number, and then wait for their turn to look through the house.

If an item is too big to carry by hand, the buyer may be able to mark it as sold and arrange a pickup time. A seller may also require people to remove items by the end of the day.

How do you choose an estate sale company?

buy luxury watches at a pawn shop

It’s the biggest decision you have to make. Which estate sale liquidators should you trust? First, do your research. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company. What does that mean? Just this:

  • They should have plenty of experience handling estate sales in general.
  • They should be familiar with the specific type of items you have (e.g., jewelry, art).
  • The longer they’ve been in business, the better.
  • The bigger and more established the company, the better.
  • They should have great reviews and a great reputation in the community.

Are there any great estate liquidators in New York?

GEM Pawnbrokers has been in business for over 70 years, with over 25 branches throughout New York City and a stellar reputation for integrity and expertise. In other words, we’re the most trusted estate liquidators in the region.

What kind of stuff does GEM Pawnbrokers handle?

We buy:

  • Fine jewelry
  • Fine watches
  • Gemstones
  • Silver
  • And more

Need to liquidate an estate in the New York area? Give GEM Pawnbrokers a call TODAY at 718-596-5626. You can also request more information HERE.

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