Turn Old Jewels into Cash NOW!

Need money? Have diamond jewelry? Drop into your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers store and get cash for diamonds!

Why sell your diamonds to a pawn shop? We buy diamond jewelry at fair prices.

Ready to sell your diamond ring? Here’s how.

Step 1: Bring in Your Ring
First, decide what you want to do. Do you want to pawn the ring? Or do you want to sell it outright?

If you decide to sell it, you’ll lose the ring, but you’ll walk away with cash—no strings attached.

Ready? Grab your jewelry and bring it to your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers store!

Step 3: Get a Quote from the Pawn Shop
Next, our expert diamond buyers will appraise it. Once they figure out how much it’s worth, they’ll quote you a price.

How much can you expect to get? How much do pawn shops pay for diamond rings?

It depends on the quality of the diamond as well as the cut, the style, and the metal. The only way to find out is to visit our site and search for “pawn shops that buy jewelry near me.”

No matter what, at GEM Pawnbrokers, you’ll get an honest quote, not a lowball offer.

Step 4: Accept or Reject the Offer
Now the ball is in your court. Are you willing to accept the price? If so, you can make a deal and walk away with cash on the spot.

It’s Time!
Ready to sell? Want to find out why we’re the largest and most respected pawnbroker in New York?

Drop by your nearest store to sell your diamond jewelry and walk away with cash!

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