Top Watches and Jewelry to Pawn

While pawn shops will generally accept a wide variety of watches and jewelry, there are naturally some items that can get you more money than others.

Major Brand Watches

Each of the following brands of watches has been known to sell for thousands:

  • Rolex

Everyone recognizes the Rolex name, generally associated with expert craftsmanship and flashy style. On average, in 2016, Rolex watches sold for more than $2,000.¹

  • IWC Schaffhausen

This brand tends to bring in even more than Rolex watches. As of 2016, the average pawn shop payout for these watches was more than $3,000.¹

  • Panerai

Another luxury brand, Panerai watches also fetched more than $3,000, on average in 2016.¹

  • Patek Phillipe

If you’ve got a Patek Phillipe watch in your collection, you’re sitting on a small fortune! The average payout for this brand of watches in 2016 was more than $13,000!

The Pawn Goldmine

Gold is an ideal material to pawn, as its value is unaffected by how old or damaged the piece may be. Pieces that are 14 karats or more bring in more money. A watch or piece of jewelry that is at least 14-karat gold, which is in good condition, and that can be authenticated as a real luxury brand can be a major asset.

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