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When the weather gets warm, many of us undergo the annual process of “spring cleaning.” We go through our belongings, sifting through possessions and deciding what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to upgrade.

The recent popularity of books like Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, as well as the general push toward minimalistic living among city-dwellers, has made spring cleaning a continual, year-round process. Electronic devices, in particular, have a high turnover rate, as newer and better iterations of the devices we rely on come rolling off the production line at a higher rate than ever before.

What many people don’t realize is that old electronics lying around and taking up storage space can actually net a pretty good amount of money at local pawn shops. If you’re looking to upgrade your tech or simply need a quick cash infusion with a minimum of fuss, the pawn shop is a great place to make your goals a reality.

If your devices function properly, are relatively current, and are in good shape, there’s a fair shot that a fast cash pawn shop will take them off your hands, leaving you with money in your pocket and more space for new stuff in your home.

Below, we’ll look at some of the most common electronic items that pawn shops are interested in but, if you’ve got something you don’t see listed here, a quick phone call with your local pawn professional can help determine whether your gear is worth a trip.

Computers & Accessories

If you’ve got an old laptop sitting around that’s less than two years old and doesn’t have any problems booting up and running current software, it’s definitely worth bringing in for a look. New computers are expensive, and pawn shop customers are often in search of budget-priced laptops for school and work that won’t break down and leave them high and dry.

MacBooks are great for pawn cash, as well as big brand names like Samsung, HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Make sure that your computer has all the necessary charging cables and accouterments before bringing it in, as well as the original boxing if possible.

In addition to computers, some pawn shops may be interested in printers, scanners, external hard drives, and other accessory devices, as long as they’re current and in good working order.

Digital Cameras & Lenses

With the advent of high megapixel cell phone capabilities, digital cameras have evolved into more of a specialist market. That said, if you’ve got a high-end digital camera you’re looking to unload, take it down to the closest pawn shop for an evaluation. Big brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Leica often retain good resale value and are desirable for pawn shops to stock on their shelves.

Digital Cameras & Lenses

Your camera should be clean, with all of its interfaces and buttons in good working order, and should include any USB and charging cables necessary for operation. Telephoto lenses and aftermarket flashes that are compatible with the brands listed above are also a big ticket item among photography hobbyists, many of whom frequent pawn shops looking for good deals.

Don’t let that camera you never use become obsolete in a drawer just because your phone has a decent zoom; turn it into cash that you can use for other things.

Cell Phones

Cellular technology has changed the entire face of the world, and almost everyone relies on a smartphone, to some extent, for work, social connectivity, music and media, and general participation in modern life. People drop their cell phones all the time, and brand new ones are incredibly expensive to purchase; that’s why pawn shops love to have late model cell phones on hand for customers who need a working phone immediately and aren’t willing or able to pay out their ears for a brand new one.

Cell Phones

If your phone is of the current generation—or one removed—and doesn’t have any scratches, nicks, cracks, or buttons missing, you can probably unload it at a cash pawn location with relative ease. Apple iPhones and high-end Samsung, LG, and HP models are the most sought after and most likely to be considered by your local pawnbroker.

Flat Screen TVs

TVs have undergone so many technological innovations in the last decade that many consumers seek to upgrade to the latest and greatest resolution options every couple of years. If this sounds like you, then consider bringing your late-series flat screen to the pawn shop and see if you can help subsidize your next TV.

High resolution and good picture quality are a must for pawning televisions, and the screen should have no dead pixels or color distortion. Why let your previous high-res TV gather dust in the garage when you could sell it and put that money to use on the next one? That’s how pawn shops work; you sell your good stuff for cash to buy great stuff, and the pawn shop passes the savings on to its shoppers. It’s a win-win scenario!

Video Games Systems

Current systems like the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are useful for so much more than just gaming. Even non-gaming households can benefit from owning one of these platforms since they provide access to streaming services, internet browsing, and a wide variety of other recreational outlets beyond just playing the games themselves. They’re computers in their own right, and, as such, can potentially net you a decent amount of cash at the pawn shop.

Before you bring in your system, make sure it’s got all the stock cables that come with it, including component, HDMI, and power cords. It should also have at least the controllers that came with it out of box—the more the better. Everything should be in good working order, including the Wi-Fi connectivity and software capabilities, and the chassis should have no damage or alterations.

Video Games Systems

If you’ve got a redundant game system falling out of use in your entertainment center, there’s no reason to keep it there; let your local pawnbroker take a gander, and there’s a good shot you’ll end up with some extra scratch.

Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs

Even with the ubiquity of streaming services and on-demand digital media, there’s still a big market for hard-copy Blu-Ray discs and DVD movies. This is especially true of TV series and classic, award-winning films that aren’t readily available on one of the big services; a lot of consumers would rather just buy the whole series than subscribe to a monthly streaming plan just to watch one show or movie.

It should go without saying but, before trying to sell your disc-based media, you should make sure that your Blu-Rays and DVDs are scratch- and skip-free and play properly on the devices for which they’re intended. You should also double check to make sure all of the discs are present; nobody wants a special edition DVD without the special features selection!

Music Hardware

Everyone knows that pawn shops often want guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, and amplifiers, but there’s a lot more than just instruments that go into making modern music. Digital audio interfaces, rack-mounted tuners, multi-channel soundboards, MIDI controllers, drum machines, and guitar effect pedals such as distortion and reverb are all necessary parts of putting together a home studio; a lot of musicians regularly check pawn shops for the best deals before buying new, which is why it behooves local pawn shops to stock this type of hardware.

Closest Pawn Shop

If you’re a bedroom musician with a decent collection of gear or a formerly active player trying to make space by parting with unused equipment, the pawn shop is a great place to unload your stuff for quick cash.

All inputs, knobs, sliders, and jacks should be in good working order, and computer-based hardware should be compatible with the current iterations of audio software like ProTools and Logic. Pass your gear on to someone who needs it while making money in the process by selling it to the closest pawn shop for cash today. Call your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers today at (718) 569-5626!

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