Top 10 Best Items to Pawn for the Most Money NOW!

We’ve all been there. You need cash. You need it fast. What do you do? Where do you go? What can you sell for quick money?

Don’t fret. It’s easy to get an instant cash loan as long as you have a few valuables and the address of the nearest pawn shop. Not sure where to start? Here are a few simple steps.

Step #1: Find things of value around the house.
Step #2: Make sure they’re in good condition.
Step #3: Bring them to GEM Pawnbrokers.
Step #4: Walk away with quick money!

Still not sure what things to pawn for quick money? Take a look at this handy list:

The 10 Best Items to Pawn

1. Jewelry

Best Items to Pawn

Who doesn’t love jewelry? Women swoon over a sparkling necklace. Stylish men wear pendants and braided bracelets all the time. That’s great news for pawnbrokers, and also for people who need a fast cash loan.

If there’s one item you can count on a pawn shop to take, it’s fine jewelry. It’s one of those things pawn shops always buy. Gold jewelry, in particular, is the bread and butter of pawnbrokers. Many pawn shops also take silver, diamonds, and other high-end pieces.

At GEM Pawnbrokers, we give loans in exchange for:

• Gold Jewelry
• Silver Jewelry
• Diamond Jewelry

Want to know how it works? Here’s everything you need to know about selling your jewelry at a pawn shop.

2. Smartphones

We live in the age of smartphones. Almost everyone has one. Many of us are glued to our little screens all day long. They keep us in touch with each other and with the world. Perhaps that’s why so many people are looking for great deals on used smartphones—iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Androids, Blackberries.

If you have an phone that you no longer use, why hold on to it? You can either pawn it or sell it and get instant cash in return. The newer and nicer it is, the more money you’ll get. As long as it’s in decent condition, you’ll probably be able to get something for it!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Make sure it still works. No one wants a dead phone!
2. Collect all accessories. That includes cords, manuals, boxes, covers, etc.
3. Charge the battery. That way, you’ll be able to show the buyer that it still works.
4. Bring it in for sale or pawning. And then walk away with instant cash!

3. Tablets


Tablets are also high-demand pawn items. From iPads to Kindles, these nifty electronic devices are sure to bring some cash. Have an tablet lying around? No worries. People love to buy units for a lower price. Do you have a newer model? You’ll get even more cash!

Don’t forget the cords, the covers, and the manuals. The more “stuff” you have with your tablet, the better deal you’ll get. As always, condition matters. Make sure your tech product is in good working condition.

4. Computers


As long as we’re talking about high-end electronics, why not mention computers? That includes laptops and desktops. No longer need your MacBook? Just bought a new PC? Clear some desk and closet space by unloading your one!

Gamer computers also net a high price. If you have one collecting dust in the basement, grab it and bring it in to GEM Pawnbrokers. Just beware: The attendant is going to test the computer before buying it or holding it as collateral for a loan, so make sure it still works before you leave the house.

5. TVs

It’s not just small electronics, either. Pawn shops also take bigger items like televisions. Got an LED screen? How about an LCD TV?

Before you bring it in, make sure that it’s well protected. Wrap it in a furniture pad or some other type of padding. The last thing you want is to crack the screen on the way to the pawn shop!

6. DSLR Cameras

DSLR Cameras

Expensive cameras are also great pawn items. Although smartphone cameras are getting better, many people still thrill over a good DSLR. Amateur and professional photographers will travel long distances to get their hands on just the right camera.

That means you can get a fair price on any DSLR you have that’s in good condition. Have a film camera? Check with your local shop to see if they’ll take it. There are a lot of people out there who would love to buy a vintage film camera, particularly in a big urban area like New York, where enthusiasts abound.

7. Luxury Watches

Like jewelry, high-end watches are classic pawn items. A brand-name timepiece that’s in sparkling condition will make a pawnbroker happy and put cash in your hands. At GEM Pawnbrokers, we take everything from Breitling and ROLEX to Patek Philippe and Tag Heuer— all the leading names in fine watch manufacturing. Don’t know if your watch will make the cut? Check out a list of the top watches to pawn or drop by one of our many New York locations to get an instant appraisal.

8. Power Tools

Ever do a DIY project? Wonder what to do with the tools when you’re done? It’s easy. Pawn them. People are always looking for great deals on high-quality tools, so you’re in luck if you happen to have some in your shed or garage.

The best tools to pawn are made by the most well-established brands. Think DeWalt, Bosch, and Snap-On. You also have a higher chance of getting cash if the tools are in good condition—if they’re clean, working, and come with all the right parts.

9. Designer Handbags

Designer Handbags

If you have designer handbags in your closet, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Women love to walk down the street with the most fashionable bag on their arm. And, more and more, they’re pawning their stylish bags to get their hands on quick cash.

Perhaps you need to pay for a weekend getaway or perhaps you just need some extra cash. Whatever the reason, you can get an instant loan just by bringing in that piece of arm candy. And, when it’s all over, you get it back. The best of all worlds!

Not yet convinced? Don’t know if want to part with your beautiful bag? Here’s why designer handbags are gold for pawning.

10. Gift Cards

Yes, pawn shops buy gift cards as well! Every year, nearly $1 billion (yup, that’s billion) worth of gift cards go unused.1 That’s $1 billion that’s lying around in people’s drawers and in their wallets. Can you imagine passing up free money?

Then why throw those little pieces of plastic in the trash or on your floor? Even if you’re never going to use them, you can still make money off of them. Just grab your unwanted gift cards, search for a “pawn shop near me,” and make off with some quick cash.

It’s Pawn Time!

Are you inspired yet? Ready to pawn? Ready to make some quick cash? Looking for pawn shops near me? Drop by GEM Pawnbrokers now! Have questions? Give us a call at 718-596-5626!

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