Pawn Shop Fashion: How to Get the Latest Celebrity Styles for Less

Chic summer dresses, stunning two-piece sets, stylish tank tops, and designer handbags—if you’re looking for the latest celebrity styles, there’s no reason to head to a brand-name store when you can get the same look from your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers pawn shop at a fraction of the price.

The Latest Trend in Fashion

Pawn shops have always sold high-end jewelry and cutting-edge gadgets; they’ve always stocked their fair share of stunning clothing and designer eyewear, but now, more than ever, they’re repositories of fashionable apparel.

That’s because celebrities, trendsetters, and ordinary people are giving up their clothes and accessories in record numbers—usually after only one or two wearings.

Call it pawn chic, call it bargain luxury, call it whatever you like; it’s the new trend in the ever-changing world of fashion, and it’s allowing people all over the country to get great looks for less.

How to Shop the Pawn Way

Pawn shop fashion

Pawn shopping in New York is easy enough. With numerous locations in every borough, GEM Pawnbrokers has a selection that will make your head spin.

Whether you live in California or Manhattan, whether you’re looking for the type of big earrings touted by French trendsetter Anne-Laure Mais or an authentic Louis Vuitton bag, you’ll have no trouble scoring a high-end look when you shop the pawn way.

These days, you don’t have to travel all over the city, scouring racks of clothes for that one perfect item (although you certainly can, if you enjoy the hunt or the sense of shopping locally). Now you can simply browse through our online pawn shop catalog and stumble upon your next find from the comfort of home.

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