Need Some Fast Cash? Here Are the Pawn Items with the Highest Payout

We’ve all been there before—strapped for money, needing a fast cash loan, realizing we forgot a special birthday or anniversary (ouch), or we’re a few bucks short on rent. Coming up with quick spending money can be hard, so what is one of the most common and trusted ways to get the cash you need, now? Go to a pawn shop!

At GEM Pawnbrokers, we give you four (yes, four) months to pay back the loan, with no need to pay monthly, no credit check, and instant cash loans. So, shall we see what’s going to get you the biggest bang for your buck? Should you pawn your sneakers? That used guitar? Here are the pawn items with the highest payout.


Demand and popularity drive the value of your items, so high-end electronics like video game consoles, newer TVs, cell phones, and laptops are a great place to start! Make sure your item is in good, working condition—including batteries, if it needs it—and charged to show it works. Bring any paperwork, manuals, boxes, remotes, and accessories it came with as well. We buy and sell used electronics regularly!


This may be the most obvious, but we love to buy and sell diamond and gold jewelry! Our trained staff is certified from both the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and JA (Jewelers of America), so they really know their stuff!

Whether you’re looking to clear out some ugly gold thing your aunt willed you or an ex-boyfriend just didn’t understand your wrist style—and you’ve never worn that watch—jewelry, especially silver or gold, holds its value, ugly or not. We want to see your jewelry collection!

History, Coins, and Collectibles

Pretty much anything with historical value has a place here at GEM Pawnbrokers! We’ll pay top dollar for your antique coin collection, historical documents, autographed photographs—you name it! We have been in business for over 70 years, so we’ve seen it all, and we know what’s what. Bring it in and let our friendly expert staff have a look!

Musical Instruments

Like most of us, you were probably in the band as a kid. Or maybe you started your own rock n’ roll group out of high school and still have that used guitar sitting in your closet, taking up space. If you’ve still got that flute, clarinet, or bass, it’s a great item to pawn! Musical instruments are always in demand—lucky you, parents!—as are guitars and amps. If you haven’t made it on the music scene yet, trade it in for something better—cash!

Think you might have something worth pawning? Or just need an instant cash loan? Come to GEM Pawnbrokers! With over 24 convenient locations and 70 years of experience, we can get you the best payout around! Questions? Call us at 718-596-5626 today!

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