Need a Gift for Mom? We’ve Got a Handbag with Her Name on It!

A bouquet of flowers? A box of chocolates? A cookbook? Why stop there? Why not go above and beyond the usual this Mother’s Day?

Show you care with a gift that really impresses. Shop GEM Pawnbrokers to find the most stylish handbags and the finest jewelry for Mom at the best prices!

Get Mom a Designer Handbag at a Discount Price!

We can never pay Mom back for all the love she gives us, but we can make her life a little brighter and more beautiful.

This Mother’s Day, give her a gift that will bring a smile to her face.

We’re talking handbags from the world’s leading designers. You know, the likes of:

Where Can I Find Great Handbags for Great Prices?

Know what Mom likes? Is she a suede woman or does she prefer crocodile handbags? Would a faux fur bag round out her collection or does she need a classic leather accessory? Could she use a tote, a chain wallet, a shoulder handbag, a flap bag, or a backpack?

No matter what kind of woman she is, no matter what kind of bag would look good on her, you can find something for her at GEM Pawnbrokers.

Browse our online catalog to find handbags in nearly every style or visit one of our many brick-and-mortar locations throughout the New York City area to hunt for the most stylish bags at the best prices!

Fine Jewelry for a Fine Lady

Does Mom love to accessorize? Why not surprise her with a stunning diamond pendant necklace, a classic gold bracelet, or a gorgeous antique brooch?

At GEM Pawnbrokers, we sell fine jewelry in nearly every style, from vintage solid leaf diamond brooches to gold pendants shaped like Chinese temple pagodas.

That’s the kind of gift any mother can love!

pawn shop jewelry for lady

Shop for Mom at a Pawn Shop? Really?

You bet! Pawn shops are some of the most well-respected fashion and jewelry outlets around.

What do you think happens to those timeless pieces of jewelry or those designer handbags after the first owner moves on?

Whether they’re ready for a change or just need some fast cash, people sell their valuables to pawn shops all the time.

That means you can get some of the most INCREDIBLE fashion pieces for the BEST prices from your local pawnbroker.

Where, How, When?

When you do business with GEM Pawnbrokers, you get 70 years of experience and a reputation that’s second to none.

Ask around. Anyone will tell you that GEM is the oldest and most respected name in the business.

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, there’s no time to lose. Shop our online collection to find beautiful and unique pieces at pawn shop prices!

You can also drop by our many locations throughout the New York City area. Find pawn shops near me to get started NOW!

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