Navigating Designer Shoes at a Pawn Shop

You might really want to own that $300 pair of sneakers or those Manolo Blahniks you saw on TV. Or, you could have a few boxes of them in your closet that need to go. Either way, a pawn shop is your answer. Here’s how to spend less on the shoes you want, and get more for used designer shoes.

Getting the Shoes You Really Want

The closest pawn shop might have your designer kicks, but there’s more to it than picking a pair and paying. Even though you’re getting those shoes for a deal, they’re still an investment. So, whether you plan to keep them or resell, you’ll need to give them the once-over.

Start with the sole. Check for any blemishes, cracks, or signs of excessive wear. Then, look at where the sole meets the upper. It should be tightly glued to the upper all the way around. If you notice the sole coming away from the upper, they might not be worth the cost to repair.

The overall condition of the upper is also very important. Leather shouldn’t be dry or cracked, and fabric should look clean, with no rips or frays. For shoes with straps, it’s a good idea to eyeball where the strap meets the shoe. Look for stuff like broken stitching and weak elastics. Don’t forget to check the straps and the buckles they go into.

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Selling Those Babies for Cash

Selling designer shoes to a pawn shop means doing a bit of work before you bring them in. First, you need to make sure they’re in demand—think Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. Next, you need to take a good look and check for cracks, wear, rips, and problems with the straps, too, along with all the other stuff mentioned above for buyers.

You don’t want to sell sneakers that are full of stains and spots. Those surface marks might be able to be removed using a damp cloth but, if not, they’ll need more attention. Make sure you have the right kind of shoe cleaner, and then scrub with a clean shoe brush. A firm toothbrush can also work really well. Once done, wipe shoes clean.

Never throw designer sneakers in the dryer; instead, let them air-dry inside or outside in the shade. You can help the process along by putting a dryer sheet in each shoe, which will also make them smell nice. Pawn shops love original boxes and receipts, so, if you have these, use them.

Pick the Right Pawn Shop

You’ll want to go to a place that knows the value of designer shoes and has an appraiser, but that’s not all; you want to make sure the shop you visit has lots of experience in the business and will give you a fair deal.

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