Mother’s Day Is Coming – Here’s What to Get Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (already!), and this year you’re all out of ideas! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—designer handbags!

Mom has always been there for you, through thick and thin, so treat her to something worthy of her love, like discount designer handbags from GEM Pawnbrokers! You may not think of a pawn shop when thinking of designer goods, but lots of people sell designer handbags to pawnbrokers like us!

Pawn shop prices make it affordable for you to treat Mom, and our selection of pre-owned handbags can’t be beat!

What Style of Handbag Should I Buy Mom?

So now that we’ve decided Mom is getting a beautiful used designer handbag, which style fits her personality best? Let’s break down a few options:

  • Functional: This doesn’t have to mean boring! A functional bag, like a shoulder bag or crossbody purse, makes Mom’s life easy. She can toss in everything she needs for the day, and not worry about trying to juggle her coffee, books, and wallet. Big enough to hold cosmetics, a water bottle, checkbook, and sunglasses, these can be stylish and convenient options.
  • Less is more: Smaller bags, like a day clutch or wristlet, allow Mom to have a sleeker, more refined way to carry the essentials. These handbags only have room for a wallet, lipstick, and phone, but they are lighter weight and classier. Great for a night out on the town or a quick run to the store, these bags have great character. Pick something crystal-studded or sequined for a fancy dinner, animal-print or loud colors for a trip to the nail salon, or a plain quilted leather for everyday use.
  • Bigger the better: Maybe Mom is a beach-goer, or a library regular—she needs lots of room! Tote bags and beach bags allow for book hauls and beach towels, and they are usually pretty casual and relaxed. However, designer brands always have their clients in mind, so you’ll find lots of great used designer handbags in these styles, too.
  • Materials and flash: Another way to pick a great style of used handbag for Mom is to pick one that matches her personality, not just for its function, but for its look. If Mom is more conservative, quilted leather, muted colors, and clean lines might be more her style. However, if Mom is more of a rebel, she might like funky fringe, bright and bold colors, and maybe a graphic print of a skull. Textures also come into play, such as lace, sequins, and beading. There’s bound to be something that fits her style!

Where Do I Buy Used Designer Handbags?

Feeling a bit better about your Mother’s Day gift for Mom now? Great! Your next step is to stop by one of our locations to pick out that perfect pre-owned designer handbag! Call us today at 718-596-5626 to see what we have or come in to browse firsthand. Our expert trained staff is ready to help you pick out that perfect gift!

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