Hidden Treasures: Keep an Eye Out for These Gemstones!

In the world of gems, not all stones are made equal. Depending upon the characteristics, rarity, and popularity of a particular gem at a given time, different gemstones can be more highly prized than others. Although diamonds have long reigned as the “gold standard” for engagement rings and other jewelry, there is a growing trend of seeking unique and colorful stones.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of today’s most valuable and unique gemstones. Some are relatively common stones that are simply timelessly beautiful, while others are incredibly rare and worth thousands of dollars. Whatever the case, these gemstones are small treasures that may be hiding in plain sight at a thrift store or pawn shop near you!

Valuable, Trendy, and Unique Gems to Watch Out For

  • Amethyst

A relatively common gem known for its beautiful light-to-medium purple color, amethyst is often used in jewelry as a rough, raw, uncut crystal (which gives a very natural, “earthy” aesthetic), but it can also be cut and polished like any other gemstone for a classier, more traditional look.  Amethysts are not quite as hard as diamonds but are much more affordable and still quite durable.

Raw amethyst rock with reflection on natural wood crystal ametist

  • Sapphire

Though they are most often seen as a deep blue stone, sapphires are also available in shades of pink, green, white, yellow, and peach. White sapphires aren’t quite as sparkly as diamonds when used on engagement rings but can save the buyer a pretty penny. Sapphire is also the third hardest mineral known to man, so its durability as a gemstone is relatively high.

  • Pearl

Pearls are inherently linked to the ocean, which makes this stone ideal for someone who loves the sand and surf. They’re also a style staple of old Hollywood, which makes them an inherently classy, vintage choice. Though white and off-white are the most common shades for these pearls, they can also be found in a wide variety of other shades. The only downside to pearls is their low durability and susceptibility to tarnishing and scratches.

Pearl Gemstone

  • Garnet

This popular antique gemstone is most commonly seen in a rich, deep red color and is often paired with various other colorful stones or classy white pearls. For those seeking the look of a ruby engagement ring at a fraction of the price, garnet is a great choice (though slightly less hard).

  • Morganite

One of the trendiest choices for engagement rings at present, morganite is a lovely, pale pink stone that hails from the beryl family of gemstones. The price of loose morganite gems and morganite jewelry varies drastically, based on cut, color, and other characteristics, so it’s important to talk to the jeweler about your budget and options should you choose morganite for an engagement ring.

  • Lapis Lazuli

One of the most different-looking gemstones on this list, lapis lazuli is an incredible bright blue, matte finish stone with beautiful gold-colored flecks. Because of the presence of a golden color, lapis lazuli looks great in a gold setting as a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. This gemstone is relatively inexpensive, though it may be scratched and need replacement over time.

  • Fire Opal

This delicate domed gemstone is one of the most eye-catching and valuable gemstones available on the market (approximately $2,300 per carat).¹ Because opals don’t grow in the same crystal structure as most other stones, they are able to diffract light in unique ways, creating a multi-colored “fire” effect with beautiful pink, orange, gold, blue, white, and green shimmering throughout. Opals are incredibly fragile, however, and should be kept dry and properly oiled to avoid cracking over time.

Red Beryl

  • Musgravite

A gorgeous purple stone with a similar appearance to amethyst, unlike amethyst, musgravite is quite rare and hard, with a phenomenal value of roughly $6,000 per carat.¹

  • Red Beryl

Another beryl gemstone, red beryl is an incredibly rare stone only found in certain areas of Utah. In its purest form, all beryl is completely colorless; the different hues of beryl gemstones come from the presence of specific trace elements. In the case of red beryl, the red color is provided by trace amounts of the element manganese. Due to its rarity, this stone is valued around $10,000 per carat (definitely watch for this one in the thrift and pawn shops!).¹

  • Alexandrite

A beautiful, color-changing gem that shifts from emerald to red when going from light to shadow, alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. This gorgeous chameleon of a gemstone is also quite rare and valuable, estimated at a value of roughly $12,000 per carat.¹

  • Red Diamond

One of the most expensive gemstones in the world, red diamond is valued at more than $1 million per carat. The gemstone is so rare that there are fewer than 30 known red diamonds in the world—most smaller than half a carat. Sure, it’s unlikely that you’ll run across a genuine red diamond at a jewelry pawn shop or garage sale, but, at such an astronomical price, it’s well worth keeping your eyes open!

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