Get Your Loved One a Diamond Engagement Ring from GEM!

Ready to pop the question to your special someone? Get your diamond from a GEM Pawnbrokers pawn shop first!

Why Buy from a Pawn Shop?

Because you can get great deals on fabulous diamond engagement rings!

The pawnbroker appraises every piece of jewelry before buying it. Only the best pieces find their way into our shop.

And, as the biggest pawnbroker in New York, we have the widest selection of diamond jewelry in the region!

What Does It All Mean?

Simple. You get the greatest value, the most options, and the most stunning jewelry.

Let’s put it another way. Better prices. Better diamonds. Better service.

Impress your significant other with a spectacular diamond engagement ring from GEM Pawnbrokers. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Start shopping NOW.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Don’t worry. We can help!

Want to know how to pick an engagement ring style? How to judge diamond quality? Drop by one of our shops, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the selection process.

The bottom line? Buying an engagement ring at a pawn shop is easy, convenient, and affordable!

Want to Sell Your Jewelry?

You can do that, too.

Bring your diamonds into the shop. We’ll look at each piece. If it meets our standards, we’ll buy it from you.

We turn around and sell your jewelry to the next buyer. You walk away with instant CASH!

Want to Make This Day Special?

Want this year to go down in history?

Surprise her with a precious gem from New York’s largest, most respected pawnbroker. With many New York locations, we make it easy to get incredible deals on the finest diamonds!

How Do You Make It Happen?

First, go here to search for “pawn shops near me.” Then, walk into a pawn shop TODAY to get your hands on a gorgeous engagement ring!

You can also shop online! Visit our online pawn shop to see what we have to offer.

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