The Benefits of a Personal Cash Loan: Why Choose One?

Unlike a standard bank loan, there’s no need to have good credit to qualify for a personal cash loan. Instead of basing your eligibility on your credit score, a personal cash loan from a pawnshop is secured by offering a valuable item (like a piece of fine jewelry) as collateral to hold in its place.

During the period of the loan, the collateral item is kept in a vault by the pawnbroker. When the loan term is up, the borrower can pay interest to extend the life of the loan or pay the full amount (interest, plus principal—the original amount) to have their valuable(s) returned.1

Another benefit of a personal cash loan is that it can be gotten much faster than other types of loans. Instead of having to apply and waiting to be approved, a personal cash loan can be gotten from a pawnshop right away. This makes personal cash loans great for emergency situations.

Get a Personal Cash Loan up to $1,000,000 from GEM Pawnbrokers

Whether you need $150 to cover the cost of a tow, $350 to pay off a large utility bill, or $600 for textbooks, school supplies, and more for yourself or your kids, GEM Pawnbrokers can help. With nearly 70 years of pawn industry experience and dozens of locations, we strive to provide our customers with quick, easy, and fair personal cash loans.1

To learn more about GEM Pawnbrokers’ cash lending options, call us at (718) 596-5626 or get an instant quote on the pawn value of your unwanted items by visiting one of our 28 New York City area locations!



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