Five Reasons to Buy and Sell Engagement Rings at Pawn Shops

Thanks to reality shows like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn, people have discovered pawn shops are cool places not only to sell your unwanted items but, also, to shop and find rare treasures, including engagement rings. Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring to pop the “big” question, or need some cash quickly, here are five reasons to stop by your nearest pawn store.

  1. Bad credit/no credit and no credit checks. If you need to pawn a ring or are looking to buy one, you can do so, regardless of your credit. Some shops even have layaway plans, too.
  2. Avoid paying huge jewelry store markups. Most jewelry stores mark up the cost of engagement rings excessively. At our pawn stores, this is not an issue since the rings we buy and sell are based on the current market/retail values.
  3. You can find rare and unique rings. Depending on current inventories and time of year, you could find a uniquely designed or rare ring that may even be “one-of-a-kind.”
  4. Inventories change frequently. With constantly changing inventories, you never know what types of rings will be in stock.
  5. Easily sell unwanted rings and jewelry. You could turn these into cash or use the cash you get to buy new rings and jewelry you like better.


To learn more about selling your jewelry or assistance in buying an engagement ring, please feel free to stop by your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers or call us at 718-596-5626 today!

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