Back to School Accessories You Can Find at a Pawn Shop!

You might not normally think of your local pawn shops as somewhere you would do back to school shopping. However, there are many great bargains you can find on many of the things you children will need once school is back in session.

  • Electronics – You can find desktop and laptop computers, along with tablets at a fraction of the cost of brand new.
  • Instruments – If your child is interested in band, the costs for a quality used or secondhand instrument from a pawn shop is much less than buying one directly from a music store, where they tend to mark these up double or triple their actual costs.
  • Sporting Goods – You can find soccer, football, hockey, and other such sporting goods to help save money on required equipment and gear, which many schools are asking parents to now provide.
  • Clothing – Some stores feature brand name sneakers and other apparel for less, so you can get your teen that pair of sneakers they have been bugging you about at a fraction of the cost you find at shoe stores.

Aside from wonderful bargains on numerous back to school items, you can also get pawn loans to assist with school fees, books, and other school-related expenses. To check out our latest items or to learn more about taking out a loan, please feel free to stop by the GEM Pawnbrokers location nearest you or call us at 718-596-5626 today!

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